How to use the Skyscraper technique to boost your rankings?

Internet marketing is strange.

You might be creating the best content of your life and still not be getting results. While on the other hand, a blog post on a new blog might go viral and make crocks of gold for its author.

Disappointing, eh?

Well, there’s a sunny side to it. You can be that author.

What do you think these viral blog posts have that your blog posts lack?

In this article we try to find that out as we look at how we can use the skyscraper technique for the same.

But first things first..

What is the Skyscraper technique?

Purposely designed for marketers trying to boost web traffic, the skyscraper technique is a brilliant way of gaining an audience’s attention.

So, how it goes?

To start with, research the popular trends.

The aim is to find content that is already being rewarded by the audience. Something that’s already being loved. Find content like that. Research trends and topics. See what influencers in your niche are talking about. Basically, understand your audience’s needs and wants.

Once you’ve done that, you are half way down. And then the next step. It hits the home run.

What you need to do is come up with unique ways of delivering the same message.

This’ll help you get to people who have already shared similar content pieces or linked to them. Result? You get more links. More shares. Better rankings. More traffic.

But then, how is it done? How to be sure that you are going the right way? Well, there’s a way. In the section below, I am sharing a checklist that’ll help you.

4 things to mark on your checklist for using the Skyscraper technique

1. Indulge in research

Before you create great content, you need to know what your content has to be about.

The difference between a viral blog post and an underperforming well written article is generally drawn here. No matter how persuasive a writer you are, without the right keywords your content will cease to grow.

So, setup Google alerts for the keywords relating to the topics that you want to cover. Use tools like Buzzsumo to find popular content in your niche. And analyze keyword search volumes with Ahrefs.

Once done with this, move to the next step.

2. Find distribution partners

Fine, you found the topics to write about. Now what? What can be the best way of distributing your amazing pieces of content?

Find partners. Look for influencers in your industry. Somebody who shares content similar to yours. Or generally talks about it.

So, start with who you know. People who are in your reach and are easily approachable.

List these people and reach out to them with your new awesome piece of content.

3. Create better content

Better content doesn’t only mean content with great grammar. Though, that goes as given, there is a lot more to it.

First of all, if you are re-creating a piece of content that performed for a competitor. Don’t do it. While it might seem like a good idea to gain audience, in the long run it fails.

What you need to do is take topics as inspiration and find unique ways of delivering the same message.

Just try to be clear with your language. Concise as you write (who likes reading one sentence in a thousand words?). And as compelling as you can be (because, compelling content converts).

If you are able to impress with your content, chances are you will receive more shares and a good amount of backlinks.

Result? Just as this SEO Sydney agency said in its blog post, better rankings come with more shares and better links.

Tip: Providing more information than your competitors would be a great addon here.

4. Stay updated

Another brick in the wall. Staying up-to-date with your niche and whatever goes around it.

If you intend to take your audiences by storm with your content, you need to keep yourself aware of everything that happens in your niche. Whether it’s a technological upgradation or an expert saying something or the other, keep your eyes and ears open and active for it.

That’s where this technique commences and takes your pieces to all those three or four digit shares and quality backlinks. And search rankings for that matter.

Final words

While attaining good search rankings might come off as difficult to many, SEO is not rocket science. If one can get audience attention and appreciation, they can get backlinks and hence search rankings as well.

The skyscraper technique is one of the ways of doing the same.

I hope this article helps you understand this technique better. If you still have doubts, share this piece with your friends. It might help.