What is sleep apnea: symptoms and treatment

People often don’t take sleep disturbances such as snoring seriously enough. Ignoring some warning signs can lead to health issues that will be hard to medicate. The main cause of sleep disorders is usually considered sleep apnea.

It is a very dangerous condition that must be properly managed. Without therapy and the use of methods such as mouth guard for sleep apnea, it can have irreversible consequences. Learning what is sleep apnea and where to get a comprehensive and efficient curing program can improve the quality level of life, relieve symptoms, and bring back normal sleeping habits.

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What is sleep apnea’s main cause?

Sleep apnea is characterized by partial airway obstruction, resulting in frequent breathing stops and starts at night. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome should be suspected in a patient with easily identifiable risk factors. The three categories of risk factors are detailed here:

Gender and age. According to statistics, the disorder develops more often in men than in women over the age of 30. The largest number of disease cases is recorded among people aged 50-60 years old.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices. Alcohol consumption and smoking contribute to pathologies and loss of muscle tone of the upper respiratory tract.

Patients who struggle with chronic diseases. People who have heart and blood vessel disease, impaired blood supply to the respiratory system, neurological, thyroid, and neurodegenerative diseases are at higher risk groups. Endocrine disorders, brain trauma, prolonged stress, taking sleeping pills, or having allergic or chronic rhinitis are also on the list of leading causes of the illness.

Sleep apnea symptoms you should be aware of

Snoring that is followed by micro-awakening is the most common sleep apnea symptom, which affects 99% of patients. However, most patients simply don’t pay attention to this clinical alarming sign, ignore it, and try to attribute it to the wrong lifestyle or physique features. Therefore, patients should be more careful about their health and contact a sleep specialist if experiencing the following disorder signals:

  • Episodes of night awakening. Most people won’t remember such night behavior, so this is the task for the family to monitor sleep quality.
  • Daytime tiredness and sleepiness. Patients who experience exhaustion and a lack of energy are at higher risk of work-related or motor vehicle accidents; such conditions should be handled immediately to avoid life-threatening consequences.
  • High blood pressure. The peripheral vascular function can be disrupted due to a lack of normal sleep.
  • Due to disturbed sleep rhythm, metabolism will also deteriorate which can be the reason for fast weight gain.

Treatment solutions to a potentially serious sleep disorder

What is a sleep apnea treatment solution and which specialist can help you to handle problems with breathing while sleeping? Treatment is selected on a customized basis and depends on the severity of the disease. The main medical goal is to get rid of key sleep apnea symptoms through an individually developed therapy program. The criterion for the effectiveness of treatment is considered the reduction or disappearance of the signs and symptoms of a disease.

Poor sleep quality caused by apnea can cause difficulties with thinking, behavior, attention, or memory, cognitive function. Thus, if you are suffering from the mentioned above issues, and don’t know how to eliminate them, contact Advanced Medical Care staff for help. Proficient medical experts ensure exceptional quality diagnosis and healing. Knowing your complaints, they will find the cure and take back your normal life.