How Should a Small Business Distribute Brochures?

Distribute brochures image 4444Much like business cards, brochures are a highly effective offline marketing tactic that’s a bit underutilized these days. Targeted Facebook ads or banner adverts are great online, but sometimes it’s hard to beat the old-school method of printing out a brochure and placing it somewhere for your target market to spot.

Having a great design and using high-quality materials are definitely important if you want your brochure to be noticed, as no one wants to take an ugly leaflet home! Places like print24 can help with brochure printing, but it will still be your mission to place these advertising materials in the right areas. Here’s what you should be doing as a small business to distribute brochures.

Use cafes, bars, and shops

Most establishments don’t mind if you leave some brochures somewhere on their premises, as long you ask them first. In fact, there is usually a specific table already set up with all sorts of brochures in some places, so it will be easy enough to place them here. Customers sometimes peruse this area looking for new ideas, so it’s a great idea to leave them in busy shops, cafes, and bars.

Hand them out on the street

This requires a lot more time and patience, but when you hand them out on the street, you’re at least sure that someone sees it. Whether they keep it or throw it away is up to them, but at least you’ve made them aware of your business. Busy train stations are a good start, but in every city or town, there are a few streets where people aren’t in such a rush and might be more inclined to take your brochure. You can often hire teams to hand out brochures for you, if you’re too busy.

Ship them with a package

If you run an online retail business, then throw in a few brochures with the package as well. These could detail some upcoming sales or new products, which the customer could keep or give to someone else. If you’re feeling really generous, you could include a coupon code on the brochure, so that the next time your customer uses your online store, they could get 15% off, for example.

Distribute at trade shows

If you’ve never had a stall at a trade show for your business, then it’s a great opportunity to promote not just your products or services, but the brand as a whole. Handing out brochures and business cards at trade shows is fairly commonplace, so you should come prepared.

Put them in mailboxes

Finally, if your business centers primarily on a local area (such as gardening services, for instance), then focus on an area which you think would benefit from your business and post brochures through mailboxes and doors. You’re targeting people directly and know that they’ll definitely see your business at some point. It’s always hard to know if anyone these activities will result in sales, but if nothing else, it does result in exposure and putting your brand out there.