Small Guide For Choosing Delivery Bags

Man wearing mask carrying groceries in paper bag

Choosing the right bag is known to be the most important factor in delivery services. During a pandemic when everything is going digital and people want everything at home especially the food items, all the restaurants and fast-food chains have started getting the right bags for the delivery purpose. Getting the right bag for delivery helps in keeping the food in good condition. Nowadays you would find tons of bags of different types. Insulated bags are known to be the most common ones which are being used these days.

For food delivery, it is important to maintain the right temperature and insulated bags help to do that. Also, these bags help to keep the food safe during transportation and delivery. Hence most of the restaurants and food joints are now opting for insulated bags for the delivery purpose. Insulated bags are generally made with specific packaging supplies such as vinyl exterior or nylon. Here the food remains warm or colder due to the foam insulation inside the bag. This foam insulation is generally found between the inner lining and the outer layer fabric of the bag. These bags are waterproof and can keep the food at the same temperature till delivery.

Insulated bags also come with some of the additional features such as ID windows where one can display the order tickets or menu. Some of the bags also come with metal racks which are perfect to hold the pizzas. Generally, the commercial-grade bags come with heavy stitching that prevents the wear and tear of the seams. With reinforced handles, one can ensure reliable and safe transport.

Some of the insulated bags also come with aluminium runners that offer superior pan support during transportation and with this one can easily slide the pans inside the bag. With wrist straps, the delivery person would be able to hold the bag like a tray. With a hardboard bottom, one can get stability while carrying the delivery bags with food products. Reflective strips on the insulated bags help to keep the delivery people safe during late-night deliveries. With a storage loop facility, one would be able to keep the bag on the floor and organize the storage area in it while with the pockets one would be able to store the cold and hot items separately due to the extra storage space. Hawking opening is the feature of the insulated bag where it gives quick access to the items in the bag without losing the interior temperature of the bag.

Most of the insulated bags are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned frequently. Various brands offer different types of insulated bags for delivery purposes such as Hook n loop closure, Zipper Closure and Side release buckle closure. Here is the list of few selected insulated bags that you can consider to choose for the delivery services.

Central Exclusive PBF10 Insulated Pizza Bag

This robust insulated bag is perfect for everyday usage. It can hold up to 10 pizzas of 16 inches each. It contains one hardboard insert on each side and thick insulation of 2 inches.  This insulation bag comes with a Velcro closure and it is collapsible. The bag is 17 inches in width, 17 inches in depth and 23 inches in height.

Value Series Insulated food delivery and transport bag

Here comes another insulated bag made by the brand value series. This economic insulated bag comes with reinforced handles and has a top-loading facility. It comes with a zipper closure and it can hold up to 6 pizzas of 20 inches each. This bag is 22 inches in width, 22 inches in depth and 12 inches in height.

Vollrath VCLB500 5-series Large Insulated Catering Bag with a heating pad

This insulated bag is specially designed for heavy usage. It comes with the hard bottom with the top loading facility. It also contains the reinforced handles along with the stitching. It has a large zipped window along with zipper closure. Here you can even remove the heating pad whenever not required. This heavy usage insulated bag can hold up to 3 food pans of 4 inches each. It comes with a size of 15 inches of width, 23 inches of depth and 14 inches of height.

Cambro GBD 13913110-GoBag Delivery Bag

This small sized insulation bag is perfect for everyday usage and comes with the top loading feature. It is high density insulated and made with nylon material. It comes with a velcro lid and sewn in an adjustable strap. This bag is available with the size of 13 inches of width, 9 inches in height and 13 inches of length.

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