Smart Design: How Simple Tweaks to Your Office Design Can Boost Productivity

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From website to storage, making a few small changes to your operations can result in big business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business mogul or an 18-year-old trying to hit that insta-fame. Deep down, all of us want to be able to market better. Whether it be for our careers, lifestyles, or just for a little boost to our confidence. We all want to be heard and to build something recognizable.

Which might actually be a little easier than you think. Instead of going for a complete rebrand, think about incrementally improving your visibility, usability, and like-ability. Yea, we understand that power phrases like three business strategies that end in the suffix -bility sounds a bit Glen Gary, Glen Ross, but stick with us. Because even though it’s reminiscent of something out of an 80’s power trip, there is definitely some merit to it.

Premier Lockers, a power house storage solutions provider from Australia knows this first hand. “It’s funny, because for years, we’ve been inadvertently helping business rebrand and rethink. We figure it was about time we took some of our own advice.” Following the relaunch of their website last month, the business has been able to make some small changes to how smoothly their business operates, and those changes have definitely paid off.

Clean It Up

Smart design image 2 - 987633Streamlining a website or an interior is an excellent way to make your business more accessible to the public. Having a website that’s easy to navigate with a clean, contemporary theme will serve to draw customers and facilitate continued purchasing. A free of clutter and mindfully designed space will do the same. Just like your customers don’t want to be bombarded with visual clutter on a website, it’s hard to establish yourself as an authority when your work space looks like a daycare center for adults.

“For small startups, or companies that have a lot of inventory with only a small amount of physical space, we suggest using a compactus system over traditional storage or filing solutions.” Compactus mobile storage units are large storage systems that concertina out when something is needed, and close right back up again when it’s not. These units come in many different veneers, colors, and styles. Compactus units can also save up to 50% of usable floor space, giving you the area to finally have a reception area.

Stow It

Smart design image 3 - jjkjjddIf your business doesn’t really generate much inventory- like an IT platform, or a concept shop, consider providing a row of lockers for employees and patrons alike. Give them the option of storing their personal goods in a chic, safe space. Allowing more room for discussion, and less distraction from worry.

“Lockers are a great way to give everyone a sense of personal space and only use a small amount of area.” They can also be integrated into preexisting storage or furniture items. So, you don’t have to completely overhaul your design to get it to make more sense.


Smart design image 4 - hhhhhhhNothing is more distracting and overwhelming than clutter. This is why Marie Kondo is such a super star right now. Whether you’re talking about a storefront or a webpage, too many thrills and frills can leave consumers feeling overburdened with choice. While it’s always a good idea to supply a wide range of options, organizing them into relevant sections makes it all more accessible. This is where web design and storage meet.

“Having a drop-down menu that coordinates your inventory according to genre gives your clients direct access to only the items they’re looking for; a smart storage system can do the same for a store front.” Things like lockers, cubbies, or compactus systems are essentially a drop-down menu in physical form, creating a defined area for specific types of inventory. Letting your customers know what items are available to them and streamlining their ideas and inspirations.

Making It All Work

Image of cupboards in an officeReorganization doesn’t necessarily mean reinvention. It’s a known quantity that customers prefer efficiency and organization. What they also like are good prices. You can keep your overhead low by organizing your inventory. This prevents over ordering or spending money on items you just don’t need. Being able to see a company’s dedication to functionality in their storefront design lets customers know that what’s happening behind the scenes is just as efficient.

This is why so many popular retailers are starting to edge towards minimalist design. And good storage solutions are where they get it. Think of the layout of any high-end retailer- you see less, but feel like you’re getting more. Keeping customers, employees, and the bottom line happy and simple.

It does not take much in terms of design changes to boost productivity, i.e., to produce more per unit of input.