Smart Ways to Use Tech to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Cheating is a big problem and it is becoming more rampant with access to technology. Even in this age when people are more flexible with their definitions of relationships, people still stray and fall for temptation. Thankfully, more technologies are being developed that can be used for monitoring or finding out if a spouse is engaging in something he or she shouldn’t be engaged in. The team of private investigators at Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. have shared some smart ways that you can use technology to catch a cheating spouse. 

See if Your Spouse Has a Second Phone

Having more than one phone can be a necessity for some people but hiding the second phone or making it a secret can be suggestive of having a double life. For some people, they do away with multiple sim cards, one that they use when at home and some that they use when outside the home. If you’re a bit tech-savvy you can extract data from additional sim cards your spouse may have laying around. 

Check Digital Receipts

Because a lot of purchases can be made online and via apps, it is possible to get access to copies of your spouse’s purchases via his or her online accounts. You can use the same principle when looking at accumulated flyer miles or credit card points. If your spouse has been flying out somewhere frequently or suddenly developed a liking to a certain restaurant or hotel, that could be something worth looking at to catch a cheating spouse says Tim Brown a security professional with Centaur Security Services.  

Enable Find Their Phone or Location Technology

You can use this location technology as a GPS locator for finding out where your spouse is at a given time if this service is turned on in their device. With iOs devices, this is easier more so when their device is connected to a family account or if you can use Find My Friends app. With an Android phone, you can use this if their device is logged on a shared computer via Google. 

Navigating GPS

You can find out where your partner has been to by looking at their GPS location history. This is usually recorded in Google Timeline or previous destinations for Google users. If your spouse has an iPhone, you can look into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations to see where they’ve been. The only time they won’t have what you are looking for in here is if they’ve been very consistent at disabling or turning this setting off. When doing something like this, you do need to be aware that any evidence gained from this may not be admissible in court, for divorce or child custody proceedings says Toronto criminal lawyer Calvin Barry.

Search for Secret Messages in Photos or Audio Files

A cheater who is very technology savvy could have found a way to embed racy photos and provocative messages in audio and photo files. It might take some special skills from you to detect this but there are some tools that you can use to snoop for these things. Ask us to know more!

Technology has many uses. It is true that it has made cheating a lot easier for those who are determined to cheat but at the same time, it also provided tools to catch a cheating spouse easier. 

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