Best Smartphone Apps To Check Football Highlights

Life has become a train, which is running at its top speed. People have no time for leisure activities, and their life revolves around their nine to five jobs. With such a busy schedule, it becomes impossible to give time for your interests and hobbies.

Best Smartphone Apps To Check Football Highlights
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With deadlines running ahead of you, these things hardly cross your mind. But as it was previously reported by sbobet, football highlights are thriving and getting even more attention during pandemics.

There are mobile apps that provide you with all the details of almost all the leagues. You can check the scores or watch the highlights while sitting in your office or if you are having some quality time with your family.

However, there are many apps that you can try, but all are not equally good. The football freak inside you needs the best app to give you a wholesome experience of the game. So here is a list of the best smartphone apps to check football highlights.

1. Sky Sports Highlights

This app is probably the best if you want to feel like you watched the game without watching it. The app is not exclusive for football, but still, it covers all the major leagues of football. It provides you with small clips of the matches that have already been played. You can also watch the highlights to get a gist of the game.

It is also terrific if you want the updates of a live match. You can simply turn on the notifications to get regular updates on the game. This way you can find the perfect balance between work and hobby. It has videos of interviews of managers and players if you are a high-level football nerd. But access to Sky Sports can be geo-restricted and in order to bypass it, you might need to use one of the VPNs listed on VPNbusters.

2. Footylight

Footylight is an app that exclusively caters to football. In that aspect, it is one of the best sites out there. It surely provides the highlights of the matches you miss but also give you updates on the games every other minute.

You can choose your favourite team and the app to provide regular updates on the team. It covers almost 200 leagues across the world. The app not only provides updates on matches but also provides detailed statistics on every aspect of the league like best forward, best referee, best manager, etc.

3. FOX Sports

This site is also not exclusive for football events, but that doesn’t distract it from providing highlights of the game. Any highlight that comes on the app is notified to you within no time. It is quick in updating the scorecard and keeping you posted about the game.

You don’t need to worry whether it has the league you want as it covers all the important sporting events in the world. You not only get highlights after the game, but you also get a commentary of the game while it is live on TV.


It is probably one of the most experienced networks out there in sports and especially in the game of football. With an experience of many years, it has a vast collection of content. You will get the highlights of the match very fast.

You even get an in-depth per-minute notification on the game. The design and layout of the app are very basic yet effective. The app is optimized regularly to fix the bugs and is updated at regular intervals to keep itself technologically updated.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo has a sports app that covers all the sports. Football is covered in great detail. You can choose your favourite team, and you will be notified before their match. Moreover, the match highlights are made available to the users within no time. The most exciting aspect of the app is the prediction game in it. You can predict the score and gain points for the same.


There is no substitute for watching matches live on TV except maybe Buaksib and their highlights section showcasing the best moments of each match. Nothing pumps the blood like a good and nail-biting game of football. However, your duties shouldn’t come in the way of your hobby. Use these apps to keep yourself tuned to the latest updates in the world of football.

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