Smartphone Repair Tips: Do It Yourself Or Have It Done?

A crack in the screen, a broken microphone or a battery that has had its day? Time to fix your phone! There is a good chance that he will then be ready for his second youth, so that you do not have to buy a new smartphone. But what should you pay attention to during a phone repair? What can you do yourself and what is more sensible to have it repaired?

Phone repair and warranty, what exactly?

There is a chance that your phone broke under the warranty conditions. You are then entitled to a free repair by the manufacturer. We discuss all the ins and outs about this in our article on phone warranty . Is there a small crack in the housing or is something small broken? Perhaps a phone repair is not necessary because you can disguise this by refreshing your phone . Sometimes a defect or crack is unfortunately too big and a phone repair is the only solution. You can have this done or, if you’re handy, do it yourself!

Phone repair, what can be repaired?

Whether the defect on your phone is covered by the warranty or not, the following parts can be repaired in most cases.

  • Broken screen

Is there a large crack in your screen or does the display no longer respond properly to your touches? The screen of a smartphone can be replaced. The screen panel, the touchscreen and the protective layer over the screen are renewed. Extra advantage: almost the entire front of your phone is like new again. And with that, your phone will immediately look a lot ‘younger’!

  • Defective microphone

‘What do you say? I do not hear anything. Hi, are you there?’ Is this how your conversations with others have been going lately? Then it seems that the microphone in your smartphone is broken. Your phone will still work fine, but no one will be able to hear you during a phone call. Fortunately, the microphone can be replaced on most smartphones.

  • Camera broken

Do you like to take photos, but your phone no longer ‘sees’ anything because the camera is broken? Rest assured: even a broken camera can be repaired. You then replace the camera module with a new one. This is often not such a complicated procedure and the repair is done in no time.

  • Battery to the buttons

If a phone’s battery runs out in no time after charging, it’s probably broken. The solution for a phone with a replaceable battery is simple: you buy a new battery yourself and place it in the phone. Unfortunately, most modern telephones no longer have an easily replaceable battery. However, you can also simply replace this battery. To do this, the phone must be opened. You can then remove the broken battery and replace it with a new one. The battery life is just as good as when you had just bought your phone!

What cannot be repaired?

Sometimes a smartphone is too damaged to be repaired. Too many small parts are then permanently broken. This is often due to one of the following reasons.

  • Water damage phone

Did your phone fall into water and then it no longer works? Then you have water damage. The disadvantage of this is that several parts are broken. These are often not large parts, but rather small transistors and tiny parts that ensure that, for example, the energy from the battery ends up at the processor. It is then impossible to find out exactly where the defect is, so that a telephone is actually ‘beyond repair’.

  • Extreme fall damage

Even with extreme fall damage, a telephone can often no longer be repaired. This happens when you drop the phone from the balcony, for example. Doesn’t he do it after that? Then there are many small parts crushed, broken or perforated. It is then difficult or impossible to find out what exactly is broken on the inside of the telephone. In that case, it’s better to buy a new phone than try to get your broken one.

I am having my phone repaired, what should I pay attention to?

A repairer has the necessary tools and the knowledge and skills to repair your smartphone quickly and properly. Before you have a phone repaired, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Find a good phone repair shop

In many cities and towns there are smartphone repair shops that you can go to. Beforehand it is always good to see what the experiences of others are. You can often find reviews on the internet, for example on Google Maps or on Facebook. This gives you a better idea of ​​the qualities of such a repair shop.

  • Keep yourself in control

Found the right store? Beautiful! Time for the next step. Do you know exactly which part of your phone is broken and needs to be replaced or repaired? Please indicate this clearly to the repairer. This way you can be sure that no other parts are replaced that are not possible. You thus keep control over the costs of the repair.

What does a phone repair cost?

Also, try to get a price indication in advance of what the repair will cost. This differs per defect. The repair costs naturally include the material costs. Some parts are more expensive than others. Labor costs are also part of the labor costs, as are sometimes the inspection costs.

I do the phone repair myself, what do I need?

Are you a handy jack of all trades with two right hands and have you successfully repaired electronic devices before? Then, of course, you can also try to make the phone yourself, if you dare! Moreover, it is quite fun to do and it is cheaper than if you have it repaired. Bonus: if it goes well for you, you can also do it for others and earn some extra pocket money! Please note: if you start tinkering with the phone yourself, the warranty on your device will expire.

  • The right tools

For a phone repair you need the right tools. And no, the standard screwdrivers in your toolbox are of no use. For smartphones you need tiny screwdrivers. With the repair kit from iFixit you have everything you need to repair your phone yourself. For example, this set also includes suction cups that you need to physically open most phones.

  • Order parts

Of course you don’t get there with just the right tools. You should also order the parts you need to repair the phone. You can find most replaceable parts for popular phones on AliExpress . Once you have these in, the repair can begin!

  • View tutorials

Good, you now have the right tools and the necessary parts to get started. Now the real work can begin, but how do you fix a phone properly? That can be quite complicated. Fortunately, there are all kinds of instructional videos on YouTube that show you how to fix the phone. The website iFixit is also recommended. Here you will find very clear instructions on how to repair popular smartphones.

Prevention is better than cure

Has your phone been repaired? Great, then you can use it again and you don’t have to buy a new phone for your Sim Only subscription. Tip: take a case for your phone. This protects it better against possible fall and water damage. For example, a phone repair may not be necessary next time. Such a case will therefore pay for itself. Save a few cents in the future!

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