Smoke v. Vape: An End to the Everlasting Debate

The whole world revolves around only one debate, and that is which of the two is better; smoke or vape. Both are great in their respective turf, but vaping has got the edge over traditional smoking. We have provided you with a plethora of reasons that make vaping a better option to smoke cannabis or standard flavors.

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Following are the explanations why vaping is considered better:

1. The Enhanced Potency

It is a popular opinion that smoking cannabis in a rolled-up bundle offers enhanced effects along with more cannabinoids. However, inhaling cannabis in a joint actually has fewer amounts of cannabinoids. For example, combustion occurs when you light up a rolled-up smoke, which obliterates more than half of the cannabinoids and greatly minimizes its efficiency. It does not stay at this and burns around 20 percent of the cannabinoid substance when putting it off.

In respect to the e-cigarette, it does burn the cannabinoids and terpenes because it operates at a lower temperature and makes sure that its user is receiving a powerful hit.

2. Affordability

On paper, smoking cannabis will seem relatively inexpensive as all you need is rolling paper and strain, whereas vaping requires a high-quality vaporizer and grinder. Nonetheless, it is not the case if you are a heavy user and require more cannabinoids for your desired effect, which makes e-cigarette is a better choice.

Comparatively, the vape device stores 80% more cannabinoids than the traditional smoking method. The herb chamber can also ward off cannabinoids from releasing into the air, which often occurs during regular smoking. Ultimately, a user needs fewer herbs, which positively affects the pocket. Another reason is that a good-quality vaporizer will last for years and end up saving costs.

If you are a retailer, please ensure that you store the devices in durable and robust packaging. It will help both seller and buyer in preserving the vape. You can find affordable packaging at to keep your vaporizers.

3. No Combustion in E-Cigarette 

It is evident that vapes do not combust the material and averts all the side effects that arise due to it. The temperature reaches roughly 230°C to combust the material in a joint and produces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or carcinogenic byproducts from the bud.

The smoke produced from this combustion method consists of harmful carcinogens, namely Toluene, Benzene, and Naphthalene. The first substance has an adverse impact on the eyes and respiratory tract, whereas the second one targets reproductive health, and the third one proliferates the blood cells in the human body.

To reduce the possibility of meeting with these toxic substances, select a vaporizer for smoking. It lessens the chances by a significant amount as it starts heating at 140.5°C and does not burn cannabinoids. It is comparatively easier and has proven to be medically advantageous. We would recommend buying your device from a trusted manufacturer.

4. Discreet Experience

It takes time to roll the stuff as it needs proper time, space, and attention. Everyone is aware of the judgmental eyes a joint attracts. It will also mask you with the cannabis smell, even if you manage to do it at a discreet place.

A vape can be beneficial in this aspect. You can easily store this device in your pocket or bag and can easily travel with it. You can take a few instant hits without troubling the people around you.

5. Plethora of Flavors

It is obvious that some plants come with a different taste, which takes place due to terpenes present in them. Other terpenes boil at a different temperature and will produce the desired impact upon reaching that specific point. You should buy a vape that comes with temperature settings and allow you to burn at whatever point you want to get the required taste.

You can also find premade flavors at shops to satisfy your tastebuds. They are available in almost all tastes, namely mint, chocolate, strawberry, etc.

6. The Value of Traditional Smoking 

We have given you a sea of reasons why vape is better, but people still prefer to smoke cannabis in a joint. It has become a ritual, and people find satisfaction in rolling and smoking. They feel like the engineer of smoking. It is a straightforward method without the need of an expert or knowledge and can be done for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

The Final Verdict

Vaping brings a paradigm shift in the smoking ethos and implements a holistic change as a healthier alternative. We would not discard the other method as everything comes with its own pros and cons, but vape is factually a better choice. If you are a smoker who wants instant relief excitingly, vaporizer should be your go-to product. It comes with a set of advantages and gives a contemporary vibe to the smoker.

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