Social Entrepreneurship Ideas to Do in Australia

There are many ways that you can be an entrepreneur, but what if you wanted to start a business that made a positive impact in your community? Fortunately, there are plenty of sustainable, socially conscious enterprises out there and we’ve compiled our favorites below. Check them out and see how one might fit into your life.

Become an NDIS provider

The NDIS is a government initiative that provides support for people who have a disability. It will help you with all things related to your disability, including:

  • Transportation
  • Education and employment opportunities
  • Medical expenses associated with the disability, such as home equipment and mobility aids

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in helping others by providing services through the NDIS home care, check out these steps for becoming an NDIS provider:

  • Find out if your business is eligible by visiting the official website of SEWTA (Service Enterprises for Women with Disabilities). Here, you can find information about whether or not your business falls into one of four categories: Advisory Service Providers; Respite Carers; Community Services Providers; or Support Service Providers. If any of these fits your business model, contact SEWTA directly to learn how best to proceed on this step further (they’ll also tell you whether or not they provide funding).
  • Register with SEWTA as soon as possible after confirming that your company qualifies, this will allow them access to more details about what type(s) of support services they can offer customers in need right away.

Hire aboriginal contractors

Aboriginal contractors are a great way to support the local community. Aboriginally-owned businesses are more likely to hire local people and use local suppliers, which not only keeps money in your community but also creates jobs for those in need.

You can use Aboriginal Business Australia’s directory to find an Aboriginal contractor who can help with your project, whether it’s building a home or renovating an office space.

Care for Those Suffering from Mental Illness

Mentally ill people are often stigmatized and ignored, but they need our help more than ever. As a social entrepreneur, you can do your part to change this by raising awareness about mental illness. Many mentally ill people aren’t given the same opportunities as others because of their illness and end up isolated from society. By bringing attention to this issue, you could greatly improve the lives of those who suffer from mental health issues. You could also provide them with resources that will help them integrate into society more easily and overcome their challenges in life or you can help them to visit a psychologist for a consultation like this Central Melbourne psychology.

Support animal shelters

Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, and you can help with everything from taking care of the animals to fundraising events and adoption events. You can also donate money to help support these organizations or volunteer at a shelter that is near your home or workplace.

Create or commission a beautiful mural for your community

Murals are a great way to brighten up the streets of your local community and attract visitors. It’s also a wonderful project for any group of young people or school students who want to give back to their local area.

You can commission an artist to create a mural, or you could organize a painting party with your friends, neighbors, or work colleagues. A mural doesn’t have to be directly related to your business, it can simply be something beautiful that livens up an otherwise dull or drab spot in town!

Offer free yoga classes in the park

The concept of offering free yoga classes in the park was so popular that it inspired a television show. In the TV series, six strangers move into an old mansion where they learn to work through their differences and discover how they can help each other.

The following list of steps will help you set up your class:

  • Choose a day and time when there won’t be any other events taking place in your local park that would distract people from attending your class (e.g., sports games or music festivals).
  • Promote the event online with Facebook ads or on flyers distributed around town (with permission from businesses). You can also mention it on social media like Instagram and Twitter! If you have time, make sure to put together flyers that highlight what attendees can expect by attending one of these sessions! We recommend including information like “this is not just another boring yoga session” or “bring your friends”.

Sponsor a community class in something that you are good at

You can sponsor a class on something that you are good at or one that you would like to learn more about. You could sponsor a class for adults, kids, or teens.

You can also choose a class that is close to home or far away. This gives people who live near you the chance to attend classes they would normally not be able to afford and those living far away get access to services they may not otherwise have access to.

Organize a book drive for kids and teens in your area

You can choose a local library, school, or non-profit organization to donate the books. If you want to get more people involved, ask your friends and family members to donate some of their old children’s books. One of the best places to donate children’s books is at a hospital; kids who are sick often have very little entertainment available for them during their stay in the hospital.

Form a beach cleanup group for your local shoreline

One of the most obvious ways to help the environment is through beach cleanups. They’re a popular activity for volunteers, they can be fun and social, and they’re a good way to meet new people who share your interest in protecting the environment.

A study by Love The Sea showed that over 90% of Australians feel strongly about cleaning up their local shorelines. Encourage others in your community to join you with an event that showcases how important it is for us all to pitch in and make sure our beaches are safe and beautiful for everyone!

Provide computer access for seniors in retirement homes who want to learn more about the internet

If you have a passion for using the internet, this is one way to help seniors who want to learn more about it. The first thing you need to do is find out if there are any organizations near where you live that offer this type of service. If there aren’t any nearby, then see if there are any in other states or countries. If the organization doesn’t already provide computers and software, then you could make donations towards getting these items so that people can use them for free at their retirement homes, hospitals, and nursing homes.

If you decide to get involved as a computer tutor yourself by volunteering your time at an organization, here are some skills that may be needed:

Serve meals at a homeless shelter

You can make a difference in the community by volunteering to serve meals at a homeless shelter.

The need for volunteers is great and so is your opportunity to make a positive impact on others’ lives by helping them eat better and healthier meals. You can help people who are struggling with food insecurity, so they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from!

When you volunteer at a homeless shelter, you’ll be able to see first-hand the effects of your service on the people around you. Take some time out of your busy schedule this weekend and put into action some of these ideas for social entrepreneurship in Australia by volunteering with your friends or family members today.

Build a snowman and draw an anti-bullying message on it (in places where seasons and weather permit)

It is the time of year to show your love for your children, but also the time of year to be aware that bullying is still occurring in our schools. We all know someone who has been bullied or knows someone who has been bullied, so teach your child to embrace diversity by building a snowman with him/her! It will be fun while promoting acceptance and showing them how bullying affects people’s lives.

This activity can be done anywhere in Australia as long as there is snow on the ground, but if you live in Sydney or any other major city, then chances are you’ll have just enough snow for this activity.

Small actions can make a large difference

If you are interested in making a difference in your community, don’t worry about needing to be a millionaire to do it. Small actions can make a large difference! There are so many ways that you can help others and make the world better for everyone around you. By giving back and helping people, not only will your life be enriched but theirs will as well. It is always better to give than receive; there is no greater feeling of joy than knowing that someone needs your help, and they have it because of something that you did or said. It doesn’t take much effort to make someone else’s day brighter—all it takes is some generosity and kindness on your part!


You don’t have to be an expert at anything, or even know how to do something. You can always approach someone who does and ask them if they’d be willing to help you out with a project or event. It may take some time for them to get used to being approached in this way, but once they do, it will open up so many opportunities.

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