How to Make Use of Social Media for Your Hospital Marketing

Hospital markeitng image 123For many businesses, marketing is an essential way to drive traffic to their site, and add new clientele. The same can be said for hospitals who are either looking to build their brand awareness or bring in new patients. Unfortunately, many hospitals overlook the importance of marketing, or in some cases, they just don’t know how to utilize the tools they have.

Pay-per-click can be too expensive, and hospitals need to bring a human aspect to what they’re doing–not just promoting a business. This makes social media the perfect platform for what they’re trying to do. This post from Digital Logic entitled, 4 Essential Hospital Marketing Tactics, outlines some very solid marketing strategies that hospitals can use to market themselves online. Hospitals can use these techniques and social media to provide real-time advice, help with inquiries, and more.

Below, we’ll discuss four things you can do on social media to make your hospital stand out.

1. Use Real Photos

Real photos tell the story of your brand and the people who represent the hospital. Many businesses use stock photos within their content on social media. These types of photos can have the opposite effect of what you want. They can come off as disingenuous, uncaring, and spammy. You’re more than likely going to receive a less than positive outcome from this tactic. Show some of your doctors with real patients. Spotlight real people who your audience will encounter at the hospital, and give a little insight to who that person is. The more potential patients know, the more likely they are to trust your hospital.

2. Share Testimonials

Testimonials may seem like they’re bragging, but as long as they’re real, they tell your audience a lot about your hospital. Testimonials are a good way to bring attention to the good things that your hospital has done and can do, building authority and trust in the eyes of the general public.

Not every post should be a testimonial, but if you get a glowing review for your hospital or doctor within your facility, it’s worth a share. Create an eye-catching graphic to go with it, and you have yourself a recipe for organic success.

3. Post Videos and Post Often

Video marketing is ever-growing in popularity and more businesses are utilizing this type of content to grab the attention of users. Furthermore, video provides you a valuable opportunity to answer some of the most common questions your hospital receives and provide information. Here are some of the benefits of video and what we know about the future of video marketing on social media:

  • • Videos often autoplay on social media, garnering the user’s attention easier than a link or photo.
  • Video is easy for users to interact with, clicking on it to play, commenting and sharing, and so on.
  • Video gives you the opportunity to build authority and trust. You can answer potential questions your patients may have. While you are not targeting someone with intent on social media, you increase the chances of someone sharing your information to someone they know who may need it.

4. Utilize Social Advertising

Social media advertising is a valuable asset for content marketing and all other aspects of marketing. Whereas pay-per-click can be rather costly and targets people who are searching with intent, social advertising gives you the opportunity to reach a broad audience who may not know they even have a need. With advertising, you can accomplish a few different things:

  • You can reach out to your community and provide information regarding your hospital, certain specialties you offer, any events you may be throwing or participating in, etc.
  • You can focus on people who are more likely to engage with your ad, whether this means liking, commenting, and sharing, or clicking on the link to go to your site.
  • You can build an audience and increase your authority in your target geographical area.

Hostpial marketing 321Social media provides businesses–and hospitals–with a unique opportunity to separate the business aspect of what they do from the human aspect. Social media allows brands to have a bit more fun and relate to their audience on a personal level, rather than looking to convert the next person.

For hospitals who rely on human interaction and a relationship built on trust, social media is a necessity in any marketing mix. It’s your ticket to build awareness in your brand and have your community trust you. Social is your opportunity to separate yourself from the rest of the healthcare facilities in your area.


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