The role of Social Media Management in small businesses

Among the daily tasks faced by every business owner each day seems to be maintaining a presence on an increasingly confusing number of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as whatever happens to be the newest and most exciting at the moment.

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Getting somebody else to do it for you

If, however, this still looks like it’s taking up too much time, an increasing amount of small businesses are following in the footsteps of some of the bigger players and getting somebody else to do it for them.

In many cases, small, local businesses are getting small local social media management businesses to work for them. This cheaper option has an obvious appeal to the small business owner with an eye on the overheads but also has its drawbacks.

Often, that small, local social media management company (usually one person working from their spare room or kitchen table) will be doing the same job for all of their clients, without a great deal of knowledge about their customer’s specific needs.

This means that any content they post may lack depth or credibility. Also, they may be unaware of the habits of the customer base they are trying to reach and the extent they use social media.

This problem has been solved, in part at least, by the emergence of industry-specific social media management companies who will know not only the market but the habits of the target market. This new development has given the small business owner an extra alternative when managing their social media commitments and will be recognised as a positive step.

Are you spending all of your time creating content?

Small businesses might not have the resources to create individualized content for different platforms. This is where a good social media agency can help in editing the content, changing up a few elements and publishing them across social media platforms for best results. This can help add freshness to the individual pages of the business.

It takes up a lot of time, and you’re not quite sure how many customers it actually brings in, but you don’t want to run the risk of not doing it and being left behind, especially as you see some businesses are everywhere you look online…

Well, in this article I’m going to cover a little known technique that can save the small business owner a lot of time keeping up appearances on social media, and if that doesn’t help, something that might solve the problem altogether.

You might be wondering how you create enough content for all of those channels and have time to run your business as well, and one solution may be to re-purpose a single piece for use across multiple platforms.

Turn one video into a whole week of content

Say, for instance, you’ve recorded a five-minute video for YouTube, detailing how your business can solve a specific problem. You’ve raised half a dozen good points, and it’s of good value to your followers.

That one video can now be converted into a whole week’s worth of posts in a fraction of the time that you would spend creating something new for each channel.

That video transcribes into one or more blog posts (about 2 minutes of your chat will equal about 500 words), and snippets of the video become your Instagram content and even some things to post on Tiktok. By adding text to screenshots, you have a wealth of pins for Pinterest, snippets for Twitter, and any other specialist platform you might be part of.

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