Do you need to set up a social media page for your brand?

Social Media Page article - image 1Setting up a social media page for your business can be a challenging task. There are so many options available, each with its own unique benefits and features. If you know what social media website is best suited for you, you could be able to increase the performance of your brand significantly. But what should you look for in the best social media platform for your brand?

What should the best social media platform offer?

Reduced expenses

Going online should not be an unaffordable expense for you. Setting up on most social media platforms is free, with the sign up process taking up only a few minutes. You may incur some expense, but have viable free alternatives that could help you get going. For instance, you can monitor your social media activity and respond to users without needing a social media team if you are a small enough brand. You may even get free advertising alternatives to the paid features of social media platforms.

A large number of active users

Social Media Page article - image 2There are over 3.5 billion active monthly users on social media, which is about half of the world. The marketing potential of the platform is boosted by the large user numbers, which offer great marketing value. TV, print and radio sources of advertising just don’t have the numbers that social media can offer. However, these billions of users are spread out across multiple social media platforms. You need to find a suitable social media platform which offers access to a sufficient number of users. You could narrow this down by demographic to help you find the best platform for your brand.

High brand interest

The interest in brands online is at the highest point in history. As business evolves towards a virtual front, more people are looking to the internet to find out about brands and products, receive customer service and make purchases. The high interest in brands could equate to an 80% following on some platforms, with almost 1100% interest in brands across certain demographics. You should find a platform with high brand interest for your target demographic as this would represent a great platform to build brand awareness.

Inexpensive premium advertising

Growing your brand organically online is tougher than most people think. It may require a long time, and could be practically impossible on some brands. You need to consider paid advertising options which suit your strategic goals. Aside from the strategic element, you should also consider the price of these premium advertising features. While they will range across each social platform and depending on the advertising strategy’s specifications, these tools can be accessed for an inexpensive fee on certain platforms. You may need to consider setting up on these sites especially if you have a limited budget.

Freedom of content

You will need to leverage content to attract users to your brand, as well as build up their confidence and trust levels in your brand. You can do this by making regular posts. However, you also need to keep your followers interested in your brand to stand a chance of growing your profile and your business. Social media platforms will allow you some freedom of content, but many may restrict you to certain types and lengths of posts. You need to find a social media platform that is compatible with a variety of formats, and allows you to share different types of posts on your pages.

What are the best social media platforms available?

There are loads of social media platforms available through which you can set up and market your brand. If you are starting out, you should not set up across all the platforms you can find. This will require heavy manpower, which you may lack. Setting up on many social media platforms without considering how you will handle the influx of traffic could prove detrimental for your brand.

Regardless of this, setting up online has the potential to grow your brand exponentially. The platform is relatively inexpensive, which allows you to reach more people without having to spend a lot of money. It offers analytic tracking, which can help monitor return on investment and tweak social media campaigns to meet your expected outcomes faster. Here are a few social media platforms you could consider setting up your brand on.


Social Media Page article - image 3Popular with a younger crowd, this platform hosts hundreds of millions of users. It is popular around the world, and features a mobile application. Users share images and snippets of videos on the platforms. Memes, GIFs and text images are popular on the platform, and may be leveraged when releasing new products. You should post about twice a day for three or four days in a week.  You may get 50 insta likes for free to get started on the platform.


With over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the largest social media platform out there. You can also share different types of content on the platform, which makes it a great platform to build your following. It also offers advanced targeting; making its paid advertising features some of the best available. You will need to regularly be active on the platform with about 20 weekly posts broken down across the week.


Social Media Page article - image 4While not a traditional social media avenue, WhatsApp is a popular messenger that also hosts hundreds of millions of active monthly users. It offers a more personalized selling approach than any other platform, and may be the best one available for customer support.


YouTube is second only to Google search in terms of the number of search results made per day. It is a popular video hosting platform featuring billions of hours’ worth of video. While it was not very popular with businesses in the past, it has become a revelation for brands. You can share videos on the platform, which are more likely to attract followers to your brand. The right posting schedule on the platform is three 10-minute videos every week.


Social Media Page article - image 5For a young, tech-savvy and creative demographic, you need to set up your social media on Twitter. The platform is based on short statements, which are limited to 280 characters, but is compatible with links, images, videos and other media. You should post regularly on the platform, totaling about 30 times a week.