Social Media Tips for Divorces

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3 Important Tips Before Talking Divorces

Whether it’s a breathtaking view you witnessed or a lunch date with a friend, it is your first instinct to post it on networking sites. Technology has integrated itself to become a part of our everyday lives in the modern world. It serves several purposes, mainly facilitating quick and effective communication with loved ones regardless of distance.

However, it also has its downfalls. During your divorce, careless use of networking sites can significantly harm your case. A Connecticut Divorce Lawyer can provide you with comprehensive advice to ensure that you take the proper steps during a divorce and do not risk your future.

Here are a few tips that can protect you during your divorce.

  • Make your accounts private or deactivate them.

Discovery is part of the divorce procedure and includes online profiles. Your spouse’s lawyer is likely looking at your past posts to find information to use as evidence against you. For example, if you have an old picture of you drinking alcohol, they may claim that you are unfit to have custody of your children. Making your account private restricts the number of people accessing your posts, preventing lawyers from analyzing them. Also, change your account passwords as a precaution.

  • Be careful of your friend’s activities.

Although you may be careful regarding what you post, your friends do not pay the same attention and may tag you in posts that may be used against you. Turn off your settings to prevent being tagged in posts made by other people to avoid the risk of your spouse or their lawyer finding them. Also, your spouse may ask mutual friends to spy on your online activities if you make your account private. Ensure that only people you trust completely can access your posts.

  • Do not badmouth your spouse online.

Divorces are highly distressing, and many people feel resentment and anger towards their former spouses. It is not uncommon to vent about problems to close friends and families on sites. However, do not create posts to insult your spouse on online sites to take out the frustration you feel. They may view them and refuse to settle, making litigation inevitable and increasing conflict and court fees.

Your divorce lawyer in Connecticut has experience dealing with clients’ divorce cases and can determine the right course of action to take during the divorce. They advise you on preventing online profiles from affecting your case adversely. The wrong choices can have a drastic impact on your future.

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