Social Media Tips for Real Estate You Cannot Afford to Overlook

Eight in every 10 real estate agents aim to enhance their social media game to help their business grow. This is just one of the influential statistics that showcase the importance of interactive tools in the industry. Following are a few strategies to help you execute a dialogue correctly with your virtual audience.

Use hashtags

When promoting real estate on social media, the use of the correct hashtags matters a lot. These can generate the right amount of traffic to your page, resulting in potential customers. Recently, hashtags have been closely linked to increasing likes. However, these are lesser talked tools to generate engagement that transfers to real-life interaction.

Using hashtags will help homeowners and investors find your agency. Furthermore, when clients use the same hashtag, you will find them too. To employ the correct hashtag, do an online keyword search and turn it into a hashtag. However, since it is your account, feel free to experiment to identify which hashtags work for you.

Promote the town

New homeowners are interested in the town, as well as the house. Before investing in real estate, they want to know the bad and the good. Most realtors think mentioning statistics and surface areas will attract potential clients, but it is simply not true.

It is advisable to use social media channels to promote the city where the real estate is. The clients receive a broader understanding of the surroundings since they will interact with the city. You can use an Instagram Business account to upload detailed captions regarding real estate.

Use quotes

Posting houses and villas one after the other will bore the following. Yes, you are running a real estate social media account, but how about diversifying it a little? Real estate does not mean your account needs to be a one-trick pony. Think of straightforward ideas that the following welcomes, one of which is inspirational quotes.

Real estate testimonies and sayings bring inclusivity to the business. Furthermore, these are perfect for generating a healthy conversation in the comment section. Find a quote you relate to, and then turn it into an image after adjusting its layout and size. It is so easy!

Share the worst

Life is not always puppies and rainbows, and the real estate sector is not the same. If you have gathered a substantial social media following, use the “Live” feature to broadcast an interactive session. Talk about the mistakes and shortcomings so the customers know when they are being conned. Furthermore, it will also prepare the young agents who are becoming realtors. If broadcasting is not your forte, try out blogs and publish articles to educate the readers. Once complete, use hashtags to bind everything together.

Generate online traffic through blogs

First of all, real estate platform development is a key to the successful promotion of your business. Speaking of blogs, numerous realtor websites have it. Unfortunately, most of these blogs are inactive or have gone dormant. An active blog is a sure-fire way to communicate with the audience directly. Not everyone has social media accounts. However, when they visit your website, they will surely visit your blog. So how to optimize them?

  • Think of a newer and interactive title to immediately engage with the reader.
  • Post about real estate predictions, social demographic, and about the buying market
  • Posts tips such as homeowner tips on a budget, home renovation tips, etc.

If you are still unsure what to post, consider yourself the reader. It will help you understand the reader’s requirements without divulging into complex market data.

Answering comments

The comment section is your best friend if you know how to work it to your advantage. As a real estate business owner, reply timely to comments on Facebook and Instagram. However, do not feel it is necessary to post a comeback to hateful comments. Social media is full of bullies, so don’t waste time.

Of course, there is the clear intention to reply to a critic obsessed with putting your page down. Channel the frustration into answering to people who actually want your help. The majority of the comments ask about listing, price ranges, or the presence of amenities. Therefore, maintain their interest to generate revenue.

Employ inclusivity

An essential part of social media is posting videos such as home tours or house renovations. You may upload the video without considering its accessibility. We present a few guidelines to help your marketing material reach the audience successfully.

  • Activate the closed captions when uploading videos. It will include the auditory impaired audience to join in the discussion.
  • Captioning the videos makes it easier to understand the content.
  • Similarly, use alt text for images to attract more online traffic. Do not complicate the description. Just literally define the elements in the picture.
  • Launch advertisements in multiple languages to appeal to a broader audience.

Poll the audience

Your social media page is very different from your personal profiles. Nothing wrong with that! However, it will not resonate with the following if the people do not know about you. Social media is the place for talking, engaging, listening, and answering, so use it as such.

Launch polls and questions on Instagram or Facebook to understand the audience extensively. You can also use Google Forms if you wish to perform extensive analysis.

Collaborate with individuals working in the real estate industry

Lastly, we suggest collaborating with the nearby realtors or businesses for a solid social media presence. People wish to see their two or three favorite real estate agents interacting with each other. Furthermore, you can also invite photographers, home stagers, home inspectors, and brokers onto your page and have them answer questions for the audience.

Moreover, you can also share or repost their content to your social media profiles. It is an excellent technique to grow the audience and share knowledge. It acts as a buffer until you can think of something original to post for your audience.

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