Software for affiliate marketing

Every startup owner or aspiring businessman, whose activities are inextricably linked with IT technologies and information products, needs a start and sales growth to stay afloat. Not everyone can cope with such a difficult task alone, and in such situations, Software for affiliate marketing comes to the rescue, different versions and tariff plans of which are offered by our company. Already today, everyone can make a small investment, and from tomorrow his affiliate program will start working, which will conduct the correct marketing policy for his brand and product sales, constantly increasing online sales.

Software for affiliate marketing
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What features does Software for affiliate marketing include?

When ordering a subscription to our software for maintaining a marketing policy within the framework of an affiliate program, as well as after choosing a tariff plan of interest, each user gets access to the following set of useful functions:

  • Creation of unique statistical tables based on the invalid parameters of the business owner. This information document is generated automatically after the user enters the boundary parameters and conditions. The table can be formatted in such a way that it will be visible not only to the owner of the business or startup but also to other participants in the affiliate program who are interested in increasing turnover and profit from online sales of the user’s product.
  • The possibility of self-configuring and adjusting the table, adding not only rows with a list of goods or other information data that changes in real-time, but also columns. This means that the user can generate their tables over and over without any difficulty.
  • The ability to control the data that the affiliate program manager or webmaster should or can see. Thus, the business owner has the right to independently turn on or turn off the visible area of ​​​​information data, which he considers necessary.
  • The columns of our table can be changed, added, or removed, depending on the requirements and wishes of the user. Table columns available to affiliate software subscribers include total sales, product pre-orders, overall startup revenue and profitability, unit ratios and ratios for compiling statistics, and many other features. The user can independently select the interactive columns of the table from the catalog offered to him by the system.
  • A feature of this software is that there is no need for the user to analyze the tasks set or the results achieved, to adjust the business plan on their own. All that is required from the campaign owner is to simply send a request to the system, and the intelligent algorithm will automatically calculate the achieved result, which will allow you to quickly adjust your marketing policy.

Thus, the database, formed by you in an understandable and objective table, allows you to quickly expand your customer base, choose the most acceptable way for consumers to pay for goods, and also find reliable partners for the fastest return on payback and increase the profits of an online sales company. All of these benefits occur automatically, without the need to risk large investments in business development.

The main advantages of Software for affiliate marketing

Many users, owners of small startups, or already developed companies specializing in online sales, note our following advantages over most competitors:

  • Constant analysis of statistics in tables, according to predefined boundary conditions, makes it possible to quickly find errors and improve the operational management of the enterprise, as well as revenue indicators and other parameters that affect work efficiency.
  • A simple interface for working with tables Software for affiliate marketing, next to each icon, or in the menu position, you can see a tooltip, as well as a graphic image of the electronic key itself, which significantly reduces the risk of errors.
  • If a new user cannot quickly understand the system, online help and technical support service for affiliate program participants are always at his service, through a chat created immediately after editing a table with statistical and other data, or through a feedback form. Highly qualified specialists are always happy to answer any relevant question during business hours.
  • For those users who have not decided on the need to purchase or on the chosen tariff plan, there is a special telegram channel that they can subscribe to, get a lot of interesting information about working with the Software for affiliate marketing system, and also leave their written request, show interest in the software product, and we will be ready to provide a test demo version, limited in time.

The number of our users and partners is growing every month. Owners of large and small companies are happy to subscribe, expand their business, increase profits and leave only positive feedback about us.

How to work with Software for affiliate marketing

  • First of all, you need to choose the tariff you are interested in from the 4 options offered by us. A premium subscription is also available for users with an individual number of conversions, at a minimum cost.
  • The project is launched, tables are set up, and content is checked, after which tasks are imported, depending on the wishes of the user.
  • The subscription is paid according to the tariff plan previously selected by the user, in any convenient way offered by the system.
  • A new member of the affiliate program sends his request to our platform, which is processed within a few minutes.
  • After processing the request, the user is contacted by an official from our company who oversees his project or work.
  • The manager conducts an online consultation, shows training videos, and instructs the customer on the correct operation of the software, after which he sets up the platform and brings its algorithm to perfection.
  • If necessary, at the request of the customer, a trial version is provided to gain practical experience before purchasing a tariff plan, so as not to lose the money invested. The demo version is provided to the user for 14 days, and this period is quite enough to fully develop the interface and features of the platform.

The cost of our subscription is $250 for the Lite version, with 5,000 available conversions per month, $500 per month for the Pro version, which provides up to 50,000 conversions, $1,000 per month for the Business version, and 250,000 conversions included in the plan. plan, as well as a unique service for true professionals and owners of large businesses – from $ 5,000 per hour, but each user has the right to independently request an individual number of conversions, and our managers will offer the best price.