Software Outsourcing is Enabling Digital Transformation

Businesses aim to be more innovative and agile so as to increase their market opportunity. In general, this is true for newer businesses with restricted budgets, and with the need to make their presence felt in today’s digital marketplace. In days gone by, companies used to hire many software engineers and set them targets to achieve. These days, up and coming companies have the policy of using outsourcing companies to meet all software requirements.

Software outsourcing image 4nnn4nn4nIT software outsourcing companies pride themselves in meeting all customer needs and are generally up to date with the evolving digital marketplace. Using software outsourcing is seen by businesses as a fine balance between their budget issues and the need to keep up to date with the advancing technologies and trends.

The Emerging Technologies

What we are seeing is the start of the Internet of Things (IoT) brought about by advanced 4G and 5G technologies. We have also seen major advances in artificial intelligence (AI) as well as in machine learning.

According to the Expert Panel, of the Young Entrepreneur Council writing in Forbes in an article “10 Exciting Technological Innovations This Year and Their Implications”, “The rate of technological advancement has seen the world almost entirely change in just a single decade. In such a short space of time, humanity has managed to develop advances that people only 50 years ago would have been unable to fathom.”

Other recent introductions have been the use of Blockchain, which is the technology that underpins digital currencies, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) which is a software solution that analyses and collects data from networking devices.

Software outsourcing companies have special expertise to keep abreast of industry trends and standards. So, IT outsourcing companies can keep businesses up to date with technology and can also solve any software issues that arise within the organisation.

Security and Privacy Issues

There have been many security breaches where customer data records have been hacked and made available on the dark web. Businesses see the need to protect their data and counter threats. Software outsourcing companies are able to comply with all personal data regulations as well as security and industry standards. They also are able to conduct regular audits to meet all current requirements.

Businesses need to ensure that they meet all data security and personal data regulations and can find specialist software outsourcers that specialise in this field to carry out audits and make recommendations for change.

According to Chris Wysopal, in his article in Forbes, “Your Software Supply Chain Is A Security Nightmare”, “By outsourcing at least some testing to a professional InfoSec [information security] business, enterprises can ensure all applications are fully tested for vulnerabilities that could be exploited.”

When selecting an IT software outsourcer, it is best to check that the company follows the current security and standards for user privacy, and has its own well defined security policy. Looking at agency listings is a good starting place, as these listings often provide reviews and position rankings.


Businesses have to be more agile and to embrace innovation. To do this they could employ a large staff force to keep up with the latest technologies, and all the standards for privacy and security, or use an IT software outsourcing company that is a specialist in all these areas.

Due to the everchanging technology scene, using a specialist software outsourcing company will allow organisations to concentrate on their business rather than spending time and money on trying to keep up with all advances by themselves.

In the evolving digital marketplace, using software outsourcing is now seen by businesses as an easy solution in order to keep up with the latest technology, standards and trends whilst still conforming to privacy and security standards.


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