SOL, RENQ, MATIC, which token will give higher returns this year

The crypto market is folding with new technologies, blockchain growth has been phenomenal, and people are investing more 

and it keeps trying to bring further technical aspects to its impact. 

However, it does focus on new technical modules, and there are certain technologies that have risen up to high amounts with pace and impact in recent times to get a much more confidential boost in specific ways. 

Although there are a lot of options, there have been 3 particular names that have gained a lot of growth, being Sol, Matic and Renq finance, which are crypto modules and have helped their standing firm in the market. 

Influence of Solana 

Solana or Sol is a blockchain technology that focuses on building decentralised apps on crypto markets to let people have safer uses of transactions. 

It has recently gained much prominence due to its low transaction fees and frequent use amongst investors, showing its capacity with a rise of up to a 21$ ratio of growth in the last year. 

Impact of Polygon 

This is one more blockchain technology known amongst people as Matic, which was priorly connected with Ethereum but now has its own blockchain platform to use for investors. 

It is also known to have a decentralised network for transactions, as people have preferred it in the last few years with prominence in the market. 

Growth of Renq finance 

This one is more known as Defi, which is completely secure and specific in use as it works for digital assets and makes them safely stored.  

The capacity of growth has been phenomenal with this blockchain option which also has a certified audit and can be handy for use. 

Comparing trends 

However, it is crucial to seek an expert’s view to find which one is more secure and impressive for people to get a better push in the market, so all three must be compared. 

This comparison can be made firstly on the basis of transactions which can be in thousands on all three platforms depending on speed. 

Further transaction fees it is also moderate up to a few sent or dollars, and adaptation to it is frequent controlling terms in actual market rates. 

Renq Finance also has a smart liquidity policy with various places connected to it, although Sol and Matic also have liquidity push 

covered for your investments. 

The reliability of all three places is equally productive as they are safe and secure to use with smart protection modules working to cover your money and make sure you do get trust in applying your choices. 

All of these platforms have smart audits done to also ensure that you keep getting feeds and work on decentralised modules with a better influx of covering you. 

Commercial influences 

The way by which we can compare them better is to find how much they still have to grow as the crypto market is larger and has a lot of potential outcomes. 

These technical modules do come with safer networks and proper smart audits to work upon, but how long they can keep with it is the first priority. 

However, they also have to seek out a way to balance out with a large liquidity ratio so they can fix core values and cover scales within time. 

Their actions to grow upon are open but activity on market may suggest how much they can overshadow each other in coming year round the market zone. 

The rise of Sol, Matic and Renq Finance is appreciated as the way they have adapted shows how larger pushes can be 

done if you plan well and try to decentralise values in such a large market run. 

Traditionally they are going to compete with each other trying to find actual gains or cover ups, but they can also stay together seeking for each other’s intervention so the right goals can be set and a much larger response can be attained by efforts in the market. 

It comes to how these blockchain platforms would do, the goals they have, how investors can prefer them and the priority sector gain would finally decide how much all of them would perform in the market. 

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