Solar Cables – The Benefits Of Using 6mm And 4mm Wires

Solar cables are widely used for home solar applications, including solar panels and external wirings for photovoltaic connectivity. They are a mode of connecting your photovoltaic systems and are imperative in order to ensure a safer mode of connecting your house and property with photovoltaic energy.

Solar cables play an integral part in ensuring the functionality and safety of any solar Induced energy system, connected to your house or your property. This article will shed light on the benefits and properties of widely used solar cables such as Zw 6mm and Zw 4mm cables. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Properties of 6mm Cable

The 6mm solar cables are widely used in the connectivity of solar panels and are designed using electron beams and double insulation for improvised protection. They are usually used while setting up a solar panel and connecting it to various components especially outdoors.

The cable is designed meticulously with fine wire tinned copper conductor for the best results and in accordance with the international safety and insurance laws. The 6mm cables are impeccably designed in only two colors including black and red. Core insulation is ensured with the use of UV resistant, halogen free and flame retardant compound in order to ensure maximum security and safety.

This cable is specifically designed to function with Photovoltaic systems and is highly durable and resistant to extreme temperatures. Some of the fascinating benefits of the 6mm cable have been listed below.

Benefits of using ZW 6mm solar cable

  • The ZW 6mm solar cables are to be used for photovoltaic systems. They are impeccably designed to resist and withstand high – extreme weather conditions. Since they are usually subjected to external use they can resist extreme cold and hot weather. The extra coating of insulation equips it with extra protection from water.
  • The wires are ingeniously designed to withstand and resist temperatures as high as up to 90C and as low as astonishing -40C.
  • Most of the 6mm solar cables are designed in accordance with your local law and safety protocols. This ensures that they will be in accordance to any temperature control enlisted by local authorities for the safety of your local environment.
  • They are usually available in two colors only. This includes red and black for carefully marking negative and positive ends, respectively.
  • They are easy and safe to install. However it is crucially advised to hire a professional in order to install them safely.
  • They are affordable and highly durable. This means, once they are installed you won’t have to pay much for any maintenance or restorations.
  • The extra coating and insulation prevents any excessive amount of smoke, released in case of a short fuse or fire.
  • Provide additional load capacity as compared to the 4mm solar cable.

Properties of 4mm Cable

The solar cable zw4mm is usually used internally to connect your photovoltaic or solar panel system to various components. It is widely used inside or underground as compared to the 6mm solar cable.

The 4mm solar cable is designed with either two or a single fine copper wire that acts as a conductor. This wire is protected and insulated meticulously using high grade insulators that are halogen free. Using Halogen free insulators prevent any accumulation or release of excessive smoke in case of a fire or a short fuse.

The cable is UV resistant and provides extra insulation from extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of using ZW 4mm solar cable

The benefits of using a ZW 4mm solar cable have been mentioned below. It is highly advisable to consult a professional and trained electrician during and before the installation of any of these wires.

  • The 4mm wire is able to withstand high temperatures. This means that they can be installed inside and outside. They can withstand temperatures as high as 90C and as low as -40C. They have been meticulously designed in order to help reduce cost on maintenance and ensure maximum safety.
  • They have been precisely designed using high grade insulators and conductors in order to ensure the safety of your property and the people within.
  • Extra UV protection and use of flame retardant and halogen free insulators and compounds.
  • The 4mm wire is available in two colors – including red and black.
  • Affordable and Durable

The Verdict

Most of the time solar panel merchandiser/companies and professionals advice to use a 6mm cable instead of a 4mm cable at the time of installation. A 6mm solar cable can handle an increased flow of load as compared to the 4mm solar cable, because of its high load capacity.

The 6mm and 4mm solar cables are highly equipped in order to withstand extreme temperatures and are versatile when it comes to external and internal installation. Equipping your solar panel or Photovoltaic system with a higher load capacity means you are enabling your system to utilize any influx of load, productively and efficiently. This means it is usually advised to equip your system with a higher capacity by installing a 6mm cable and ensure maximum safety and the best results.

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