Some popular documentaries on BTC to watch

Documentaries are all fun and entertaining to watch. There are many documentaries available over the internet that you can watch and spend the whole day watching such documentaries because there are very entertaining and provide you with knowledge. It also gives you a flashback to the past when these documentaries were written and directed.

If you are an enthusiast of cryptocurrency trading, there are many incredible documentaries that you can watch over the Internet and OTT platforms. Nowadays, there are many platforms offering such movies related to real-life incidents, and it could be nothing better than if you could get some documentaries related to cryptocurrencies.

If we talk about the best documentaries, it is nothing else but a mixture of real-life and a little bit of imagination and creativity. The roles played by different actors and actresses in the documentaries play a huge role in making it incredible. These documentaries can also provide you with knowledge about how you can stay aware while dealing with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

There are numerous cryptocurrencies available that can provide you with knowledge about how to stay away from losses when you are dealing in bitcoins because it is the sole purpose of making such documentaries. Today, we will tell you in detail some of the most popular documentaries that every cryptocurrency trader must watch once in his career.

Banking on BTC

When it comes to the most popular documentaries related to bitcoin, we can never neglect the name of banking on bitcoin. This documentary has a lot to offer for a cryptocurrency trader because it is a mixture of details regarding bitcoin and the associated technology involved in bitcoin trading and other bitcoin-related tasks. The movie is directed by very popular director Christopher, and the duration of the movie is 1.5 hours. It was released in 2016, and it is the best cryptocurrency movie made so far to date.

Crypto 2019

In the list of most popular cryptocurrency movies, the other name is given to crypto 2019. It is not only a movie that can be watched by cryptocurrency enthusiasts but the general public and also watch this movie for entertainment at the same time. It is a mix of an informative and entertaining movie, and the bass of this movie is a crime drama thriller.

Cryptocurrencies are nowadays being subjected to a lot of laundering and other wrong things. The movie has a very important character that deals in such kinds of things, and therefore it provides a real-life illustration of technologies used in cryptocurrency.


If you are one of the people who want to see the cryptocurrency world as completely positive, this movie is perfect for you. It is directed by Torsten Hoffmann and the perfect and positive movie made to date for bitcoin enthusiasts. There are several other movies made by the same director in the past, but they are not as popular as this one.

This movie provides a clear picture of the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. The main cryptocurrency taken under consideration in this movie is bitcoin. It tells you about how to tackle challenges and issues developed in the cryptocurrency trading world.

Trust machine

The majority of people dealing in cryptocurrencies nowadays are not even aware of how Blockchain and cryptocurrencies came into existence. Even if they know about its existence and evolution, they are not aware of how it managed to facilitate such a smooth flow of transactions nowadays.

If you are one among such people, there is no better movie for you than trust machine, which was a movie created in 2018. It is a documentary that shows you pictures of how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology emerged. There are various popular websites like Bitcoin Digital available nowadays that you can use for trading. You can also know about how they came into existence after watching this incredible documentary on bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency by Netflix

If you lack time and still want to know about blockchain technology and its emergence, there is no other better episode than the Cryptocurrency by Netflix. Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms, offers a wide range of movies and documentaries related to cryptocurrencies are among them. It is very simple and sophisticated to understand, and you can get a glimpse of all the basic details of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in this episode.

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