Some Useful Tips for Using Memes for Advertising Your Business

Are you struggling with advertising your business? If the answer is yes then you can try memes for the same. It may sound funny to you but do you know one thing? Memes are the new internet sensation; hardly there will be anyone who does not like memes. Memes are funny, creative, controversial, and whatnot. Learning how to make a meme can be a valuable skill. Memes can play a very significant role in spreading the word about your business. Okay, enough of talking, if you want to incorporate memes in your advertising campaign then just go through this article and learn some valuable tips.

Understand Your Customers

Before everything, you need to identify the market that you want to target and then understand the nature of your potential customers. According to Forbes, understanding your potential customers is the most significant rule followed by major award-winning companies. This is important because there are a certain number of people who take jokes seriously and so they might get offended by memes, especially by the sarcastic ones. So, it is very essential to recognize what kind of memes will be suitable for your selected market domain and for the potential customers of that domain. This is only how; you can implement this ‘meme strategy’ efficiently.

Identify The Shared Interests

An important characteristic of memes is that they portray day-to-day situations sarcastically. After identifying your market and its potential customers, your next job will be to identify what kind of interest, and environment your potential customers commonly share and whether there is anything in those areas that you can use to make memes. If they see that your memes are mostly based on their interest areas then there are chances that they will find your memes interesting.

Are your Potential Customers Internet Savvy?

After making memes, you will post them on the internet, so you need to know that whether your targeted customers are well accustomed to the use of the internet or not. If they are accustomed to the internet, they will also be familiar with memes. So you can use memes as your advertising tool without any hesitation.

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What Media Does Your Customer Prefer?

Memes are not only of image type; a video can also be a meme. So, check what media your customers prefer, whether they are too much bounded by time or they have time to watch videos. Knowing this will help you to decide the media that will be the most effective. These will also help you to decide what kind of editing applications you must learn to use for making the memes.

Are Your Customers Interested in Contests?

Holding contests attract a lot newer customers which email campaigns fail to do. If you see that your customers are interested in taking part in contests then you can host one on Twitter, Instagram, or any other suitable social media platform. It will be beneficial if you add hashtags with your contest’s name.


These are the 5 tips that you can use for incorporating memes in your advertising campaigns. Memes are best at incorporating humor and that is what makes them so popular. Humor is an effective way of connecting people and creating interactions.

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