Some Valet Parking Solutions That Benefit Customers

If you manage a hotel, restaurant, or even an airport, offering your customers a valet service is always a great idea. Even better, these days you can get specialized software that allows this service to be much easier for both you and your customers. These Creating Vision in Parking Systems (CVPS) programs offer the perfect valet parking solutions so that the check-in and checkout processes are both faster and simpler. Once you learn more about these solutions, you’ll quickly realize that you can’t live without them.

What Are the Advantages of This Type of Software?

When it comes to valet parking solutions, the right software is important. Specialized software makes it easy to accommodate your customers and saves you both time and money. There are numerous advantages to this type of software, and they include the following:

  1. It Is a Lot Safer

This may sound odd, but at one point before the days of technological advances, customers would sometimes accuse the valet company of scratching or denting their vehicle even when this wasn’t true. With these software packages, you can easily take pictures of the vehicle as soon as it enters the parking lot, so you have proof of what it looks like when the customer arrives. Also, because human intervention isn’t as necessary as it was before, the vehicle simply has fewer chances to get bumped or dented in the end. 

  1. It Saves on Fuel

Valet parking solutions such as the right software saves on fuel because it tells you exactly where empty parking spaces are located. If you have a very large parking lot, this is especially important because you can use quite a lot of fuel while driving around looking for the first empty spot. Customers appreciate this because it won’t use up a lot of fuel when their vehicle is in your possession. Even with small parking lots, this is a huge advantage.

  1. You Can Find Their Vehicle Easily

Because the system is automated, you can find customers’ vehicles quickly when they come to pick them up. You simply look at your computer and it tells you exactly where the car is parked, and you can head right to that spot to get it back to the customer. In other words, gone are the days when you have to walk around the entire parking lot and look for the vehicle you need to return, and this is extremely important when the weather is too hot, too cold, or snowing and sleeting.

  1. Customers Don’t Have to Wait in Line

Because automated valet parking solutions are so much faster, customers rarely have to wait in long lines to either bring their car to you or come back to get it. This is huge because no one wants to wait in line to do anything, especially something as simple as parking a vehicle. If they’re visiting a hospital or restaurant, they might be in a hurry to get there, and appropriate software means the entire valet parking experience is faster for both customers and employees.

  1. There Is Some Flexibility Involved

With automated systems, the customer especially has some flexibility they might not have otherwise. For instance, they can make their reservation through their mobile app, and this usually produces a virtual ticket, which means they don’t have to bother with keeping track of where their paper ticket is while they’re out. They can also use their mobile phone to check out before they leave the facility, which allows you to have their vehicle waiting for them as soon as they arrive.

  1. It Reduces Personnel Costs

With an automated valet parking system, your valet company won’t need as many employees. Why? Because so much of the process is done by the customer instead of the employee. Some systems are completely automated and allow the driver to do everything, although this is not the case with all of them. Most of the time, valet companies prefer a little direct face-to-face communication with their customers, which is why they automate some parts of the process and keep other parts the same.

  1. It Allows for a Smoother Process

When at least part of your valet parking process is automated, the entire thing runs more smoothly. These types of valet parking solutions offer faster steps that result in faster movement and less built-up traffic, so not only are they appreciated by the customers and the employees of the valet company, but also by the nearby neighborhood and even the people driving by! For many reasons, a smoother process makes a lot of people very happy.

  1. It Allows for Better Customer Service

Since the entire process is faster and simpler, not to mention more efficient, these systems allow for much better customer service. Many of them even include online surveys that customers can fill out after they utilize the valet services, which allows your company to know where you stand in the eyes of your customer. This means your customer satisfaction rate is bound to improve because you’ll know what areas of your business need improving.

Is an Automated System a Lot of Trouble?

The answer to this question is “no” because automated systems are made specifically to be user-friendly. That means that even non-techies can set it up and use it, regardless of their computer skills. Many of them offer stand-alone kiosks or kiosk-like machines that are installed on the wall, making it super-easy for customers to utilize them regardless of the time of day. Even better, the systems are simple for both customers and employees, so no one has to worry about being able to use them properly.


Top-notch valet parking solutions are simple and inexpensive, and they provide tons of benefits for both valet business owners and their customers. This is a simple and effective way to offer extra perks to your customers, and it can be offered to various businesses, including hospitals, sports arenas, and various entertainment facilities. And because the systems are automated and easy to use, it won’t take long for your business to start using it and enjoying its many benefits.

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