Find A Source of Side Income Online in 2019

If last year left you tired of always having to count your pennies or borrow money, make it a resolution to find a source of side income in 2019. Whether you’re a student or just waiting for your next big gig, having a flexible part-time job can make all the difference.

But forget dog walking or pizza delivery. We’re living in the age of the internet, and you’re just as likely to find a decent source of side income online. You may not earn all that much, but if it means being able to afford the occasional luxury, it might well be worth it.

Side income inline article image 1Answering surveys

This is a classic money-making method which, although time-consuming, is very straight-forward. Put simply, you’re being paid to share your opinion and demographic information for statistical purposes. This information is usually anonymous and used for marketing insight and consumer analysis. Just keep in mind that whilst these kind of surveys can pay you, some of them do so in the form of vouchers for specific stores. If you’re looking for payment in cold hard cash, pay attention to the reward before starting the survey.

User experience testing

Whether it’s testing a new voice recognition software or checking out a soon-to-be-launched website, most companies want their product tested prior to official release. If you have an eye for detail and can give constructive feedback, then you could be a prime candidate for this particular job. Knowledge of programming, tech or marketing could enrich your feedback, thereby giving you an additional edge in online product testing.

However, becoming an online product tester doesn’t mean you’re limited to only testing ‘online’ products. Here’s a list of trusted brands that will allow for applications to their product testing program. If you’re a successful applicant, they will send you products for free in exchange for your feedback. In other words, while not all product testing programs pay in cold hard cash, getting food and beauty freebies will cut down on costs elsewhere.

Data entry

There’s no denying that data entry can be a tedious job – repetitive yet requiring your full attention. It’s no wonder that data entry is a commonly outsourced task, and any college students who are vigilant, type quickly, and know how to work with data processing software, shouldn’t have too much trouble finding data entry jobs online.

Content writing

When it comes to content writing jobs, finding clients and projects related to your field of work or study is the most effective approach. For example, medical students are more likely to have success writing content for pharmaceutical brands than, say, those with no medical background. Similarly, an individual with good knowledge of economics is more likely to get hired for content jobs in the finance industry. Finding copywriting work related to your area of expertise isn’t always possible, however. But if you possess a flair for the written word and can produce selling copy, you should still be able to find writing jobs.

Beauty retailers, e-commerce sites and travel agencies are all businesses that are in constant need of talented online writers, and often willing to overlook lack of industry experience. Whilst we don’t suggest you play casino games in an attempt to strengthen your cash flow (one should only play online slots for fun and not as a serious attempt to get rich) the fact is that a lot of companies in the industry outsource copywriting projects to freelancers. The same thing goes for cryptocurrency companies. There’s currently a huge demand for content writers who can confidently write about blockchain technology, however we don’t necessarily recommend investing in the currency itself. Whether you’re writing product descriptions or in-depth user guides, content writing can make for a very flexible side job, and will give you great work experience to boast about on your CV.

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