Spending Your Retired Life in A Mediterranean Paradise: Retire in Italy

After having worked hard all your life and sorting out your finances for your retirement, you deserve to enjoy the pleasures of living where you can spend your days relaxing. So, you should pick a place that supports a life like this. That is why we ask you, is there any place better than Italy to retire to? Italy is one of the most welcoming countries that expats can settle down in very easily.

Moving to Italy will be even easier for you if you are a citizen of a nation that is part of the European Union. But if you are not an EU citizen, then your dream of living in Italy is not too far away. Lombardy, Lazio, Tuscany are some of the regions in Italy which have the highest populations of expats.

If you are considering to retire to Italy, then here are a few reasons that may make your decision easier.

Photo by Ananthan Loggi on Unsplash
  1. Low Crime Rates

If you want to live a peaceful life, then you must pick a country where there is no social unrest and Italy is definitely among the top countries on the list of most peaceful ones. The administration and police forces are very active and are always willing to help out civilians and the older population.

  1. Pleasant Mediterranean Climate

Being located on the coast, Italy has a pleasant climate for most of the year. The weather is balmy and is ideal for relaxing on the beach, taking a slow walk along the rolling vineyards, or going for a boat ride on the Mediterranean Sea. If you retire in Italy, all of these things will fill up your to-do list. This to-do list is definitely different from the one you have now and ticking off the things on this list is also more pleasurable than fulfilling your daily work commitments.

  1. Rich Cultural History

Italy boasts of cultural heritage that is thousands of years old. On every street corner in Italy, there is something historic and millions of people come from all over the world to soak in this rich cultural depth. Imagine how great it would be to live surrounded by history. Admirers of culture and heritage from around the world make their way to Italy so that they can retire2italy and live a quiet life amidst this cultural depth.

  1. Exquisite Food Traditions

Another thing that Italy is famous for is its distinct food traditions. Food is one of the most lucrative attractions of traveling to Italy. If you retire in Italy, then world-class cuisine will be very easy to access no matter which part of Italy you live in. The food in Italy varies from region to region, village to village, and sometimes, even family to family but all of it is exquisite in quality and taste. Trying out all these variations can make for a very fulfilling retired life. If you are worried about putting on weight, then you can get some exercise as you explore the Italian city you live in.

  1. Cheap Real Estate

Italy is one of the best places to retire. If you invest in property in Italy, then the Italian government makes it easier for you to move there. This is why people from countries that are very far away can invest in a beautiful property and retire in the country.

To Conclude

Italy is a haven for people who are looking to live a relaxed life after having battled through life in their respective fields. All the things that make life enjoyable can be found in Italy. It is so popular that it has become one of the most favourite places for expats to retire in. The laws and the government are very welcoming and the number of people who retire in Italy keeps going up every year. So, if you are thinking about retiring in Italy, then you should do it quickly and enjoy the good life.

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