How Sponsored Ads On Instagram Will Get You Followers

Sponsored ads Instagram followers image - 32939At present, there are over one billion Instagram users and the number is only increasing with time. Every single day sees over 500 million people active on Instagram. Imagine if you could just get a chunk of the followers! It can skyrocket your business like nothing you have seen before. As you’re aware, there are numerous ways of getting followers on Instagram. But one of the best ways is using sponsored ads on Instagram that can help boost the number of followers, which in turn helps boost brand awareness. Even though this can be a tricky business, you will find it is worth your time and investment.

There are different types of sponsored ads that can help you gain more Instagram followers. You can use a photo ad, video ad, story ad, or carousel ad with the help of Power Editor or Ads Manager or you can buy Instagram auto likes. These all are paid ads that you can use to gain more followers. They all offer certain advantages; which one to choose depends on the type of business you have.

How You Can Use Sponsored Posts

You need to search for keywords that are of importance to you and take a look at the accounts that have these keywords in them. Your best bet is to look for accounts that have more than 20,000 followers. The key is to look for the email address in the accounts that you find.

Chances are that if they have displayed their email address, then they’re most probably willing to have sponsored posts. You can then go ahead and ask them what their price will be. Usually, it can go up to $50 per post. How much they charge depends on their popularity, i.e., how many followers they have.

Do you have an original product that you created? If so, you could benefit from a product review as well. You can send them your product, which they can review for you. This can further help increase your brand awareness, which may eventually boost the number of Instagram followers you have.

Do not focus just of influencers who have many fans following them. You should also consider account holders who have a high user engagement rate. Want information regarding that? You can get it in the influencer marketplace.

Importance of User Engagement

When it comes to the number of users, Facebook has more than Instagram. But it is user engagement where Facebook falls short when compared to Instagram. Instagram has a whopping 4.21% engagement rate compared to the paltry 0.10% that Twitter and Facebook have combined! That number is huge.

Are you wondering what this has to do with getting followers on Instagram? Think about customer engagement as a way of involving your customers so that you draw them closer to your business. When a customer is engaged with your brand, they’re more loyal. Not only do they buy more, they also promote your brand and product or service too.

Sponsored ads provide increased customer engagement.

Now imagine this being done with all of your customers. Information about you will spread fast, and you will appear in their posts, which will help your business reach even more people than before.

User engagement is a pretty big deal. Instagram is the perfect way to help you reach more consumers and potential customers. It can help you increase your sales and take your business to new levels.

You can use free ads too – many businesses do that. However, free ads are very time consuming. You would need to hire a top-quality photographer to create the images and videos for greater impact. With sponsored ads, on the other hand, profits are greater, plus you will get significantly more followers.

Sponsored ads can add value to your brand. They can help you achieve your marketing goal – gathering Instagram followers – more quickly.

Once you tap into Instagram’s marketing potential, you will grow your business and thrive like never before. Sponsored ads provide you with the perfect avenue to achieve that goal, albeit with some investment from your end. However, if done right, your brand reach will be so wide that there will be no looking back. If you want to get your basics and fundamentals covered first, you should have a look at a course from Shopify called ‘Grow your business with Instagram’.