Staff in Casino

How many employees is it necessary to have for productive working of the casino?

To ensure the smooth operation of the ground object in the state of the casino must be representatives of at least 10 different professions. We want to bring to your attention a list of experts, without which the gambling establishment will not be able to function effectively and offer its services in the gambling market.

Staff in CasinoThe staff is the face and business card of each casino. Properly selected staff guarantees high-quality service in the casino and also will ensure a good reputation for it in the future. The success of a casino and its successful functioning in the gambling industry depend on the level of professionalism of its employees.

There is a list of mandatory employees below, as well as their duties and areas of responsibility.

  • General manager

General Manager – is the highest position in any casino. Only the owner of a casino can stand above it. This specialist is responsible for the operation of the whole casino. In his subordination are all employees of the casino, whose activity he must monitor and coordinate. The main duty of the general manager is precisely in managerial functions.

  • Manager

Regulates the gambling process, organizes the work of all structures in a casino. As a rule, in large ground-based casinos there are several representatives of this profession and each of them is responsible for a specific field of activity: for example, a personnel manager, shift manager, client relations manager, etc.

  • Pit boss

Pit-boss is one of the leading positions in the casino. In fact, it is a manager of the gambling hall. As a rule, a certain game zone is assigned to pit bosses (includes several tables), for which they are responsible. The task of the “pit bull” is to coordinate all the work in his area, monitor the honesty of the game, control the work of dealers and resolve any problems which can at the tables. Pit bosses are subordinate only to the shift manager.

  • Inspector

The croupier can be upgraded to an inspector, supervisor or floor man, of course in case of successful performance of his duties. Despite the different names, the duties of the above specialists are very similar: to coordinate the work of the dealers, to control the gameplay, to guarantee the customer the fairness of the game, to evaluate the players, their behavior and to monitor compliance with all rules. The inspector, as well as the dealer, is at the gaming table. In the event of a disputable situation – the final decision is for him. In rare cases, he may seek help from pit bosses.

  • Croupier or dealer

The first person to be met by a guest of a casino will be the croupier. The dealer is a visiting card of a gambling establishment, he is an intermediary between a player and a casino. Representatives of this specialty make up the bulk of all casino employees.

Depending on the type of game, the functions and tasks of dealers may differ.

Typical Casino Hotel Structure

Casino Management
Casino Management

Consequently, several representatives of this profession can be at the same table:

  • playing croupier is a dealer at the table. A person whose task is to regulate and play the game: to take bets, to turn the roulette or to hand over cards;
  • observing croupier is a dealer, whose main function is to assist the playing dealer: for example, accepting cash, collecting chips, exchanging cash at the box office, etc.
  • stickman is a dealer for craps table. Stickman’s responsibilities include accepting and paying bets. It is also a collection and submission of the dice from the table to the player for the purpose of his further throw, using a special stick;
  • boxman is a dealer, whose function is to exchange cash for chips at the table. He performs an intermediary role between the player and the cashier, since the player does not always want to leave the game process and go to the cashier for an exchange;
  • chiper is an employee of a ground-based casino, whose task is to collect chips at the table. When the gameplay is in full swing and there are several participants at the table, the dealer cannot cope alone. Therefore, he turns for help to the chiper, whose duties include sorting and exchanging chips.

It is paradoxically, but online casinos also have a croupier. The difference is that in online gambling houses, he is in front of the camera and not in the existing ground casino. The task of the dealer is to play the game according to the rules established by the gambling house. The number of games will depend on each particular casino. For example, this is more than 15 tables for top sites such as Jackpot City. For most casinos, this figure is limited to 812 tables.

  • Host

A casino employee who greets guests, welcomes and communicates with them personally. Also, the host is responsible for the bonuses offered by the casino. There is the concept of “hostess” for women.

  • Cashier

An employee of a gambling house who is responsible for conducting all financial transactions in a casino. He is engaged in the exchange of cash for chips and vice versa.

  • Controller or operator

The main task of the controller is to monitor the smooth operation of the slot machines.

  • Security staff

Representatives of the security service play an important role in the activities of the ground-based casinos. This department is responsible for maintaining order in a gambling house, for protecting the interests of customers, for the safety of their property and for protecting them from attacks on their lives.

As a rule, security service includes the following specialists:

  • head of Security;
  • security guards in the game hall;
  • security guards at the entrance to the casino (face control, visitor control);
  • cameraman (video surveillance in real time).

The list of potential ground-based casino employees can be continued for a long time. In any case, every employer has the right to choose the number of employees in his casino.

Online casino security also needs attention. For example, in “Partner Earning”, employees of the security system of gambling sites, in particular the verification department, carry out a thorough check of users’ documents (files are checked for interference by graphic editors and for uniqueness). Moreover, operations on sites are often made through a connection protected by SSL encryption, and all payments by bank cards are monitored 24/7 and they are immediately rejected in case of detection of obvious fraud transactions.

Experts recommend to approach the selection of personnel with great responsibility when opening a gambling establishment. The best option is to contact a recruiting agency.