Stakelogic and Paddy Power Betfair Announce Distribution Partnership

Online real money slots are big business. People in the UK aren’t going to the bricks-and-mortar slot halls anymore, instead, the same people are playing on their phones from the comfort of their sofa. What does this partnership mean for UK gamblers though?

Security in a name

There might not be a single person in the UK who hasn’t at least heard of Paddy Power or Betfair. The former has made a precedent of aggressive, over-arching, and memorable marketing campaigns which ensure the brand is instantly recognizable. This fame and notoriety ensure that the company is a default market leader and is usually one of the first for government auditing or regulation. After all, the law is going to enforce rules on larger companies raking in tonnes of money instead of smaller firms with little revenue.

The fact that Paddy Power Betfair is now expanding its real money slots offering will only bring more customers who want to bet with a bigger operator to their platform.

Who is Stakelogic?

Stakelogic is essentially a games software company that specializes in casino and gambling games (commonly known as iGaming). It’s won awards for the quality of games, from multiple institutions and events, including at the Casinobeats Summit. In addition to that, they are certified by the Gambling Commission, a governmental body regulating gaming standards in the UK.

The company has now made over 250 slot machine games and licensed them to over 500 gambling operators, having had their software confirmed and validated to be played in over 20 territorial markets.

Paddy Power Betfair coupling up with Stakelogic is a sign that the operator wants to expand its online slot machine offering and keep the quality high in the process.

How will this partnership help Paddy Power and Betfair?

By this point, you’ll probably appreciate that Paddy Power Betfair is one company but they operate two distinct brands, aptly named Paddy Power and Betfair. Anything sort of goes on Paddy Power as you can bet on sports markets, lotteries, and other casino games. The current slot machine offering is ample but immediately presented. When this partnership is in full swing the company will more likely have more confidence in their offering and will promote it on the front page of the site.

Despite previously going down the sports route, Betfair has more recently veered more toward casino and non-sports markets. Multiple advertisements have accompanied a wealth of slots to play on their site with an enormity of offers and promotions. Slots are already prevalent on the Betfair site, unlike the Paddy Power webpage which users have to do a bit more digging to find them.

Whether or not the company decides to use the new Stakelogic software on both brands will be a business decision but at this juncture, it would appear that Betfair already has a large slots audience and stance which might benefit from more quality slot options.