Standing Vs. Folding Electric Scooters

If you are a scooter lover, you know how easy and convenient it is to manage and maintain them. You can choose from a wide range of scooters in the market depending on your choice and preference, for example, an adult scooter, kids’ scooter, electronic scooter, folding scooter, or standing scooter.

Many different kinds of scooters are available based on their material, mechanism, and functionality. However, the two most popular scooters are standing and folding electric scooters. When buying a scooter, the main question is often whether you should opt for a standing scooter or a folding electric scooter.

If you are also going through the same confusing situation, then we are here to distinguish and guide you about every aspect involved in choosing to buy an electric scooter. Here’s everything you need to consider when choosing the best electronic scooter for yourself.

Standing vs Folding Electronic Scooter, Which One is Best?

If you ride on relatively smooth terrain and want to move faster with less effort, think about getting an electric scooter. A folding bike is the best option if you need something small and safe for harder terrain or if you frequently ride in cold or wet conditions.

Remember that neither is worth purchasing for less than $500. You can get one for less, but it might come with frustrating issues or poor quality. Of the best 20 electric scooters for adults, many of them are portable and foldable, while some are standing. It’s important to find the one that fits your needs the best.

The More Portable One

When folded, folding bikes are much more compact than electronic scooters, making them especially suitable for public transportation. The weight of most commuter-friendly scooters is comparable, but some of the longer-range scooters are considerably heavier.

You can easily store electric scooters in hallways or beneath a desk, but you might have trouble accommodating them on trains and buses. Although their height is considerably smaller when folded, the extra 15-20’′ length makes it difficult to fit them beneath the seat.

A scooter comes with a large battery, which adds roughly 15-20 lbs. to its weight. The battery provides an additional distance of 20-30 miles on one charge. If you can spare a couple of thousand dollars, you can buy an electronic scooter that weighs 20 pounds or less.

The Faster One

Electric scooters are more efficient compared to folding bikes or non-electric bikes. Depending on the model, they can reach speeds of up to 30 mph on smooth terrain. You can reach this speed on a bicycle, but it can quickly wear you out.

Mid-range motor scooters typically reach speeds of up to 20 mph. Cycling speeds in cities generally are between 12 and 15 miles per hour. If you want to achieve a higher speed, consider purchasing an electric scooter.

The Cheaper One

The total cost of buying a scooter exceeds the price you purchase. Folding bikes and electric scooters are priced similarly for comparable quality levels. Good ones start around $300-400; however, you can expect to spend around $600-900 for ones that can withstand daily use.

With either, you get stellar features and functionality for $1,500-2,500. An electric adult scooter is probably less expensive to own and easier to maintain than a folding bike. However, if electrical problems arise, scooters may become costlier in the long run. Set aside roughly $50-150 every year for repairs and maintenance. Taking it to the mechanic will cost you around $75-150 extra for one or two annual tune-ups.

Resale Value and Lifespan

A folding bike goes on indefinitely if properly maintained. This is especially true for steel-frame models, which do not bend or break like ones made from other materials. Used folding bikes outperform scooters electric in terms of resale value. If both are looked after well, buyers won’t be able to discern between them.

Best One for Bad Weather

Because folding bicycles can withstand water damage, they are suitable for wet conditions. Some electric scooters can withstand heavy rain, but not as much as a bicycle. You can use it either to ride in snowy or icy conditions.

Studded tires are available for scooters and folding bikes, although their availability might be an issue. As previously stated, replacing the tires on an electric scooter is an unpleasant experience. However, it would help if you didn’t try to ride your electric scooter on sandy roads.

Battery and Weather                 

The ambient temperature affects the capacity of an electronic scooter’s battery. If you live in temperatures of 35-45°F, your scooter’s 30-mile range, for example, may drop to 15-20 miles overnight.

Furthermore, using your scooter in extremely cold or hot temperatures is prohibited. Batteries have a rated temperature limit so that you can consult the manufacturer for queries and concerns.

Legal in Several Places

Bicycles are more widely accepted and used than electric adult scooters, and laws are amended less frequently. You can ride a bicycle anywhere, but not scooters. The legality of electric scooters will most likely become mainstream shortly, but at the time of writing, bicycle laws are more comprehensive and permissive.

The Safer One

Electric scooters and folding bicycles are safe when ridden responsibly on smooth pavement. The larger wheels of bicycles can handle rough terrains better, and their brakes are typically more efficient and safer.

The primary safety factor is the diameter of the wheels. Most electric scooters have 8′′-10′′ wheels, whereas most folding bikes have 16′′-20′′ wheels, resulting in a significant difference in safety on rough terrain, potholes, and typical urban debris. However, neither is as smooth or predictable as a 16-inch folding bike.

Conclusion – Which One is Better?

Both standing and a folding electric scooter have the same advantages and disadvantages. However, go for foldable scooters if you want more mileage, power, and excellent models.

If you want to drive on sturdy roads and have an easy-to-maintain scooter, you should opt for a standing scooter. You can choose your best option by visiting us at  Varla Scooters for the best mechanisms and designs available in each category with additional discounts.

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