Start-up Logo Design: 6 Crucial Aspects to Consider

It’s a wonderful feeling, to launch a business of your own. When you are your own boss, you get a sense of control, a sense of fulfillment. However, to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to think more than just sourcing the products and selling them. You also need to think about building a brand. Since the logo is one of the most important elements of every major brand, we will discuss its importance and some crucial aspects in this post.

Why your startup needs a logo?

Every startup needs a unique and attractive logo to establish a brand identity and stand out in today’s competitive industry. If you don’t have a good logo yet, then you need to consider creating one in light of the following:

  1. Credibility

A premium-quality logo helps in establishing credibility. This is because, only if an entrepreneur is serious about their business, they consider putting in the time and effort for creating the perfect logo. So, when you display your logo in the products you offer, your website, and everywhere your brand has a presence, it helps to gain the public’s trust.

  1. Differentiation

Most generic businesses don’t care about branding and logo designing. This robs them of the opportunities to garner new buyers. When the truth is that a professional logo helps you to stand out from the competition. The logo lays the groundwork for a brand and helps you to attract potential customers.

  1. Brand Recognition

Startup logo also helps you with brand recognition. When you start using your logo in your website, email newsletters, social media posts, etc. it supplements the memorability factor. In other words, your target demographic starts to recognize you as a brand through the logo alone.

Logo Design Aspects to Consider

At this point, we have established that you should have a high-quality logo if you want your business to grow. But does that mean that you need to splurge on logo design? Not at all. Sure, if you can pay for the services of a professional logo designer, then you can spend a good amount on the design and guarantee a custom-made logo, just right for your startup. But in case that’s not possible, you needn’t worry. There are more affordable options, like using a logo maker or launching a logo design contest. Each option has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so do your research and choose carefully. No matter which way you decide to go with, it’s important to remember certain design aspects that are a must when designing a startup logo:

  1. Market Research

Before you get started with designing your business logo, make sure you study the market first. You need to identify your competitors so that you can check out their logos. This activity will provide you many insights for your own logo design. It will also prevent you from choosing a design similar to the one that’s already been used by one of your competitors.

  1. Brand Identity

If you want to find the perfect logo design for your company, then you need to understand your brand first. Have a sound understanding of your own brand will help you establish a brand identity. Brand identity is the personality of your brand which could be authoritative, edgy, bold, kind, or anything else, or even a mix of different emotional/human characteristics.

When you have a unique brand identity, it becomes easier to identify logo design attributes that communicate the brand identity perfectly.

  1. Appropriate Logo Colors

The colors you choose for your logo play a huge role in its effectiveness and impact. This is because colors reflect different emotions and make you feel differently. For instance, red color is used to denote passion, energy, and life. Similarly, blue is used to denote trust and reliance. So, you need to know what emotions you want to carry in your logo design, and you must find the right color palette. Only then you can justify the design and get the right message across.

  1. Typography

There is no dearth of unique and attractive fonts on the Internet. However, just like colors, you need to pick the fonts carefully. Make sure they are in line with your brand’s personality. For instance, if you want to create a logo that looks formal, then you should pick formal fonts.

Other than picking fonts based on their characteristics, you should also pay attention to the legibility factor. What it means is that your fonts should be easy to read.

  1. Simplicity

You can pick any guide to designing a startup logo, and you will find it mentioning about simplicity in logo design. Clear and simple are two of the most important guiding principles for top-quality logo designs. There are many reasons behind this understanding.

For starters, simple logos are easy to memorize. And you want your audience to remember your logo wherever they see it. The second aspect is clarity. When your logo design is clear, it’s able to communicate your ideas and principles easily. In other words, your target demographic is able to understand what your business is all about and what makes you special.

  1. Scalability

The last factor you need to consider for designing your startup logo is scalability. Since you will use your logo at all kinds of places- website, social media posts, billboards, merchandise, it’s important that the logo can be scaled and applied to different surfaces and objects. The logo should be highly flexible and shouldn’t look off or unrecognizable no matter how or where it’s used.


Launching a new business is no mean feat. You invest so much money and time and consider so many factors to ensure that the business runs successfully. Yet, all your efforts can easily go in vain if you fail the realize the power of branding.

In today’s competitive landscape of entrepreneurship, you absolutely need a brand to survive. Since branding begins with a solid logo design, you should do everything in your capacity to create the perfect logo. Once you have a logo that aptly captures your brand’s spirit and looks attractive, you can use it as an emblem and establish a market presence with authority and confidence.

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