Starting A Business After Military Service

About 200,000 servicemen retire from military service each year to start their transition from military to civilian. A military retirement pay, which is about 2.5% for every year of active duty, lasts for life. However, most do not have a job after retirement, and the pay may not be adequate to establish a business. Moving from serviceman or woman into a civilian may mean starting a new career, but most find it convenient to start a business.

How to source capital to start a business as a veteran

Most veterans will source capital for starting a business from the earned pension. The government has multiple sponsored programs through which they can set up businesses. Another way of easily starting a business as a veteran is starting a franchise business. In cases where a veteran does not have disposable income to start a business, they can get a loan. That depends on how much of the startup capital one wants. Veterans can access loans from a bank, but there are multiple programs for former servicemen and women to get cheaper loans. Some of these programs, like the Hero Loan for instance, can help them get home loans and also business loans. The most appropriate business will be shooting range training with a bank loan since no much experience will be needed.
In addition to the VA program sponsored by the state, veterans can access small business loans at reduced costs, for instance, through private lenders. The loan may vary from one lender and desired business to another. Streamlined financing for former military personnel includes loan products that have relaxed credit score ratings. Some lenders require veterans to have been in business for six months and have a certain annual sale value, but others do not.

The best businesses to start after military service

After retirement, a veteran can explore endless business ideas. They include starting a logistics company, opening a gym, opening a garage, teaching wilderness survival, building affiliate sites, and hunting. There are several other ideas like establishing a shooting range training, finding a job as a security specialist, or starting an outdoor company. They usually do this to sustain their living, but the main challenge is sourcing capital for the business.
In conclusion, the ex-military seek funds from bank loans or the government and can get from within themselves. During the military service, there are initiative SACCOs that enable them to save. The SACCOs can also invest in businesses, for instance, a logistics company. Instead of starting a new small business, veterans can choose to keep the initiated investment to sustain their living.

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