Things to Know When Starting a Marijuana Business

Are you interested in starting a marijuana business? It is a booming and expanding business, so it promises potential for investors and people who want to take part in it.  For a guide on how to get started in this ever-dynamic and growing industry, keep reading in the following.

marijuana business image for article 4993Specialization

What angle or niche in which do you want to specialize?  This step is vital. You should not be a jack-of-all-trade in the sector. Specialize in one.

Do you want to be a retailer or a cultivator? Are you a doctor who wants to be one of the MMJ doctors in your state? Finding your niche is important so that you know in which area you want to stand out.

Also, remember that each niche is governed by certain regulations, whether you’re in the selling, manufacturing or growing sector.

Do you want to be a cultivator? Go for it if you have an interest in experimenting on breeding different strains and giving them names based on factors like effects, smell and taste.

However, you should prove that you have vast horticultural knowledge to apply for and get a license.  You should also have a large capital in this highly regulated space.

Understand your State’s Marijuana Program

Again, the cannabis sector is a highly regulated industry. It has complex rules and regulations varying from factors including your state and type of specialization.

Also, states have different rules of cannabis use. Some allow recreational use, but if you’re a seller, you should follow certain strict selling rules.

In addition, some states issue many licenses while others do not.  Also, some require proof that you have a significant amount of capital.

But then, you might not want to consider putting up a marijuana business if you have a criminal record, which may become a hindrance due to strict laws.

In addition, take note that there are requirements that vary from one state to another.

The bottom line, research the laws and requirements to stay on the right track and know if you’re qualified to establish a marijuana business.

You might also want to consult a cannabis lawyer to help you stay abreast of the legal challenges and changes as they come.

Understand Your Consumer Base

Who is your target consumer? In addition to knowing the rules, regulations and requirements, research and find out who the people to market your business so that you can understand their problems, needs and wants.

What is that unmet need that you’re trying to fill for them? It is why you need to do market research for comprehensive and precise data and insights in your niche in order to understand your consumer base – deeply.

Knowing who your target consumers are, you will be able to direct your efforts, including marketing, towards them. In the process, you will also be able to use your resources correctly.

The bottom line, you need to go out there and know your consumers along with their needs and wants.  It will help you make sure that they’ll be satisfied and happy with your offers.

However, see to it that you really get to know them. It can be possible by building a connection and relationship with them.

Know Your Budget

You must be able to raise enough or have a large capital to start a marijuana business because it’s crucial to get your business plan moving.

It can be a challenge to loan from a bank because many of them just don’t approve one for a marijuana business.

Many investors also don’t want to put their money to it because it’s still illegal federally.

For help, you can find private investors who want in on the growing industry. These people are those excited and interested to take part in the action.

You should also determine your budget that will help you become prepared.

For help, you might want to consult people like wholesalers for an idea of the costing.

Remember, you need to know how much and what it will take to get your cannabis product.

Other factors for your budget include transport and storage of the product, security, rent cost, license cost, and license application fee and employee salary, to name some.


Aside from those previously mentioned, you need to think about and consider branding carefully.

For example, you need to come up with a cannabis business name that reflects your brand, offer, and uniqueness from the rest.

The name must be easy to recall and represent your cannabis business precisely. It should also show your business’s seriousness.

The same applies to your logo and website design. Make sure that all these branding components are well thought of. You might also want to get help from the pros who can help you build a cannabis business website, for instance.

Marketing difficulties

However, it is not enough that you have good branding because you also need to overcome marketing difficulties to reach more customers.

Cannabis marketing or promotion is challenging because of the limitations and restrictions by different channels.

A few rules include–

  • No advertising on private or public vehicles
  • No advertising to children so you shouldn’t use toys, cartoon characters or inflatables
  • No marketing or advertising within 1000 feet (or any other distance as specified per state law) of an area or school where children are

To overcome marketing challenges, you should do things like educating instead of selling and promoting a lifestyle than the benefits of recreational and medical marijuana products and services.

Building trust

Propel your business correctly by establishing trust. For example, consumers will take your business seriously by ensuring that you’re legit and stable. You also have to make them see that you’re not involved in any illegal activities.

In addition, make sure that you’re available and ready to answer their questions and explain what your business is and how it works.

Nevertheless, you should be able to establish and build trust with customers if you want to become a successful marijuana business.

Consider and follow these tips to help with your plan and finally get your business off the ground. And most importantly, enjoy the ride and have fun while learning in the process.


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