How to stay fit and healthy even when you work a lot

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There are around 327 million people in the US. Over a third of them are obese or overweight, with an estimated 160 million Americans being counted as either obese or overweight.

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and doing plenty of exercise are two things that can prevent people from being overweight. But how do you go about eating well and exercising more if you work a lot?

Eat well at work

Did you know that a person will spend over one third of their lives at work? The average American spends 34.5 hours at work each week. But this figure differs depending on the role and the industry, some workers spend 40+ hours a week working.

So, how do you make sure you are eating well at work? It can be very convenient to grab food and snacks on the go, but this could be leading to your weight problem.

Choosing to eat a healthy diet can help you lose weight or stay at a healthy weight, so it is important that for the third of your life that you will spend at work that you don’t eat only junk food.

Eating unhealthy or sugary foods can be okay (in moderation), but if you are eating fast food for lunch every day then you could seriously be harming your body. One way you can avoid this is by taking in your own lunch.

Prepare a lunch and some healthy snacks the night before work and take these with you. Make sure you choose foods that are rich in nutrients and that will keep you full during the day, so you aren’t snacking on chocolate or sweets.

According to Aramark office snack delivery service, you can get healthy meals delivered directly to your workplace.

Food isn’t the only way you can optimize your health. There are a variety of different options available that can help nourish your body and complement your diet. It is important to investigate the supplements available and check that they are right and relevant for your needs. (Source:

Exercise before, during, or after work

In 2016, reports showed that excess weight cost the US economy $1.7 trillion. To combat excessive weight, not only do you need to eat well, you also need to get enough exercise.

Working long hours during the week can make it hard to find time to do enough exercise. You go to work and you come home tired. And on top of that, you need to do the housework, socialise, have time for your hobbies etc.

To ensure you are getting at least the recommended amount of daily exercise you could set aside an hour or so each day where you dedicate to walking, running, or playing a sport. This could be before work, during work, or even after work.

Some people like to walk or cycle to work, whilst others like to use their lunch hour to go to the gym, and for other people, they prefer to exercise after work. It’s all about finding a time that works for you and sticking with it.

Put it into practice

Don’t let the working day be an excuse for abusing your body. You need to nurture your body by eating well and exercising plenty.

Remember that eating well doesn’t mean that you can’t have a piece of cake that someone has brought into the office, you don’t need to restrict yourself of everything that is bad. Just don’t sit at work and eat 5 packets of biscuits everyday.

Same with the exercise, don’t make yourself do something you don’t want to. Try to find a physical activity that you enjoy doing, for example, you might really like swimming. If you enjoy what you are doing, then you are more likely to keep doing it.