How to stay healthy at home during Covid-19 lockdown

If you’re randomly munching on snacks every passing hour and sitting idly with your laptop, binging on Netflix all day during this lockdown, then you need not worry. That is because most of the world is doing the same thing.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the entire world aback and with most of the countries going through a lockdown, staying at home during such stressful times has become a task for all. With everyone staying homebound during this pandemic, the need for staying healthy both mentally and physically has become all the more important.

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With nothing to do at home, getting bored is inevitable. However, after the turmoil of the past few weeks, things are falling into their right place and the world is coming together positively to fight this dreadful pandemic. Even though our daily routine has been thrown to the wind, it is important that we stay positive and maintain our lifestyle as regularly as it was before this outbreak. Maintaining a regular lifestyle will help us gain the positivity we need at this moment and will prevent us from doing things that would harm us in the long run.

This is a good time to restore your health, both physically and mentally, with minimum stress and try and maintain peace with yourself. So here are a few tips on how to stay healthy at home during Covid-19 lockdown:

Eat healthy

A balanced diet is healthy not only for your physical but also psychological well-being. You need the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and fiber to keep you going throughout the day. Healthy foods come with innumerable benefits and also increase your immunity which protects you from a plethora of diseases.

The current risk of contracting coronavirus can also be reduced by well-built immunity. The habit of munching on carbohydrates has increased tremendously during this lockdown. This causes even more damage to our mental health as our body grows lethargic and destabilizes our mood. So during this lockdown, you must make it a point to include at least some greens to your diet every day. You can switch to healthy baked snacks for all the times that you are bored.

Staying healthy does not mean that you starve yourself and deny yourself the food that you are craving the most. However, you should keep a check on the amount of unhealthy foods that you intake.

Sleep at regular hours

With your daily routine going haywire, it is impertinent that your sleep schedule will get affected. However, it is important to keep in mind that sleep is absolutely essential for our body as it is during this time that the body repairs damaged cells, renews energy lost during the day, clears toxic elements, and helps the muscles in our body relax from the turmoil during the day. Therefore, it is highly suggested to get at least six to eight hours of sleep every day.

Maintaining a definite sleep schedule even during such difficult times will help ensure some form of normalcy in your life. These are stressful times, and it is quite normal if you have trouble sleeping with the abundance of thoughts going inside your mind. To ensure some sleep, you can try meditation or you can try limiting yourself to the everyday dreadful news or have a relaxing drink before you sleep.

Keep exercising

Most of our generation is obsessed with having a good body and with lockdown closing down all gyms and sports complexes, it must be difficult for the people who were involved in regular workouts to maintain the schedule. However, one should not leave working out completely despite the circumstances.

People who do not workout also should involve themselves in some form of minimal exercise since staying at home has reduced our movement to extreme levels. This can impact your body tremendously. Also, as per experts, exercising releases natural chemicals into your body which tend to make you feel good, which is absolutely welcome during such circumstances.

Whether it be yoga, cardio, weight lifting or simply moving up and down your staircase, you should get at least some form of minimal exercise.

Keep social interactions intact

You may be stuck at home alone or without your loved ones and it is impossible that you will not miss them. Whether it be your friends or family members, you must not block yourself out socially no matter how tempting it may look. Video calls are a boon for all of us right now and you can make full utilization of all such video calling platforms, whether it be Zoom or Skype.

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