Steps to Boost Game Performance in Different Online Games

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Adjusting your computer’s software and hardware according to your online game’s configuration, you cannot enjoy the real thrill of gaming. As a true gamer, you need to consider a few essential things before you build your computer. Also, you can upgrade your present computer so that you can enjoy the excitement of online games.

To boost game performance in different online games, piratebay-service is something amazing that can help you take your gaming experience to the next level. However, I will take you through a few important steps which tell you how to level up your gaming performance in different online games.

Does hardware matter in gaming?

The shortcut and straightforward answer to the question is a big Yes. The hardware of your computer largely matters because you cannot experience the excitement of gaming if your hardware is back-dated. Not only that, but a wired mouse can also be done more than a wireless mouse in the case of speed.

By upgrading your hardware, you can improve your gaming experience. Say, for example, your present RAM is only 4 GB or 8 GB while your online game requires RAM up to 16 GB. It does not mean that you cannot play the game you are trying to play but are not as professional as others can play.

Steps you need to follow for the better online gaming experience

According to my gaming experience, I am going to share the steps I personally follow to increase the performance of online games. Also, I hope and believe that you can also perform better if you can properly follow my instructions and steps.

However, without making it more descriptive; let’s jump into the steps we are waiting for because we all want to perform better while gaming, right? Otherwise, it is really embarrassing when your online games load taking more time than necessary.

Step One- Dust-free laptop

Do you know that dirt and dust are the dangerous foes of your computer? They are responsible in most cases to slow down your computer performance. By cleaning and keeping your computer dust-free, you can enjoy better gaming performance. You don’t need some extraordinary SSD like Dell KYJF3 SSD, just use a modern solid-state drive from a reliable manufacturer. 

Dust and dirt do not allow air to go out from the computer resulting in making your computer hot. When your computer’s processor, GPU, and other components get hotter, they cannot perform faster than they were before. When you realize that there is a huge amount of dust and dirt inside the computer, you should open it. Using your blower machine, you should remove all the dirt and dust.

Step Two- Installing new hardware

It is another essential step you can follow if you want an improved gaming experience. You don’t need to upgrade all the components of your computer system. But there are a few hardware that you need to consider upgrading them including RAM, storage, battery, etc.

When you increase your computer’s RAM, you will experience better functioning and speed of your system. In the case of your storage, you can change your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to SSD (Solid State Drive) which will work amazingly to increase your computer’s performance.

Not only have that, but batteries also impact a lot while gaming online. So, you should buy a new battery if your laptop’s batteries have any issues. The same applies to the mainboard and processor. You can change them too to have improved the performance of your online gaming.

Step Three- Upgrading graphics card

Upgrading your computer’s graphics card should be another essential way to experience better performance while gaming. But there are some hindrances to do so, especially if you use the laptop. It is because most laptops do not allow you to upgrade your current graphics card.

On the other hand, desktop computers are easy to upgrade their graphics card. Literally, you can change any hardware you want when it comes to a desktop computer. But it does not mean that changing or upgrading your graphics card is the only solution to make your computer faster for a better gaming experience.

There are different types of graphics cards out there in the market you can choose from them. Based on your needs and the compatibility of your current hardware, you have to choose one so that it can work properly after installing it on your computer.

Step Five- Activating windows 10 gaming mode

The most popular operating system Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app that is available for streaming, recording, and game mode. For a better gaming experience, all you have to do is activate the game mode from the setting of your Windows 10. It is very simple and anyone can do it quickly. Here is how:

You need to click on Start and then Settings. When the Setting option appears before you, you should click on Gaming and then Xbox Game Bar. Did you find it? Well. Now you have to turn on the button by clicking on it to ON. In the left-hand pane, you will experience Game Mode, then click to ON and Finish.

Step Six- Closing background apps

Sometimes, computer users do not understand that some apps are still running but in the background. They are not visible to you either. In this case, how can you be sure whether background apps are running? Slow activities of your computer will inform you that some background apps may be running.

In this situation, all you definitely do is close them instantly. It will help your computer perform faster and increase your computer’s fps which is necessary for a faster gaming experience.

Final Thought

It is boring when your computer gets slow while playing exciting online games, right? Therefore, you need to follow some necessary steps so that your computer gets faster and increases its fps. By following the tips and steps I have mentioned here in the article, you can also increase your computer’s performance. 

You should not only think that you have to change your computer’s hardware to new ones. It is not the only solution for you to increase the fps of your computer. Sometimes, viruses and some software can cause your computer to perform slowly.

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