Stocking Up on Sick Days: 5 Ways Employees Can Stay Healthy in the Office

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If you’ve been warding off the bi-annual office cold by the sheer forces of good luck, you may be looking for more reliable tips and tricks for fending off fog-inducing flu seasons.  Close quarters like office buildings are notorious breeding grounds for contagious illnesses and symptoms like headaches and mental burnout. By staying hydrated, de-stressing, and taking supplements, you can dodge office ailments like an expert. 

Swap out sugar rushes for supplements

Every office worker is familiar with the afternoon slump. Instead of reaching for a sugary treat to give you a jolt of energy, give natural supplements a go, like the Mixhers Health Bundle. For many working professionals, sluggish behavior, headaches, and other productivity-inhibiting symptoms can be chalked up to essential vitamins and minerals deficiencies.

From calming magnesium to energizing vitamin D, natural supplements can offer a reprieve from the ailments that often lead to employees taking sick days. For example, a nutrient-packed supplement variety can provide immunity-boosting multivitamins and superfood nutrients all in one dose to ensure happy, healthy office living. 

Hydrate often 

There’s little in this world that a tall glass of water can’t benefit. Dehydration can cause lethargy and lack of focus, which is why your eight glasses a day are vital to staying alert in the office. It’s common to get distracted by your jam-packed office calendar and forget to drink enough water at work. If you’re guilty of neglecting hydration, invest in a water bottle with hydration benchmarks for every hour. Cubicle-confined professionals can also try snacking on juicy fruits to keep their water intake high. 

De-stress when you can 

It’s no secret that becoming a workaholic is a slippery slope. While many working professionals wear their late nights at the office like a badge of honor, it’s vital to relax when you can and steer clear of an unhealthy work-life balance. Take time for your family, friends, and hobbies so that you are mentally healthy and refreshed enough to give your work your all. 

Sanitize your workstation 

While your desk may seem spotlessly organized, creepy-crawly bacteria may lurk below the facade of your pristine computer setup. It’s one thing for your workspace to be neat, but keeping your desktop sanitized is an entirely different beast. Try loading up on sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to get in the habit of cleaning your phone, keyboard, and hands whenever you sit down to get cracking on your to-do list. 

Give yourself a break 

Most office-dwellers agree that getting your work done quickly is a top priority. However, rushing your tasks along without a break can lead to major burnout. By taking ten minutes between meetings to stretch your legs, read a news article, or text your partner back, you’ll notice an uptick in your productivity levels.

Remember, lack of breaks can make you slower and less motivated, so give yourself something to look forward to, such as a quick reset or a mid-day catnap. 

Before you go 

Health is a massive priority in and out of the office, so put these tips to the test and start racking up those sick days instead of spending them sullenly in bed. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a break and stock up on anti-bacterial wipes. Your immune system will thank you. 

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