7 Storefront Ideas That Make Your Small Business Stand Out

When you’re thinking about what to do with your storefront, consider this retailer’s secret of success. Give your customers more to do, not more to buy. Engage your customer and they’ll buy more.

You want your small business to stand out. Read on for 7 storefront ideas that will help your business engage customers.

Engaging Store Front Ideas

These storefront ideas are more than a display of your products. They are a recognition that you have to connect emotionally with people. They stimulate potential customers by attracting attention, creating a new state of mind, and motivating them to come into your store.

  1. Interactive

Make your windows interactive and your window display will provoke customer interest in a way that a passive display could never do. A motion sensor can bring a moving feature to life or turn on lights in your window. When customers realize that their movement is the reason the window has burst into life, you’ll have their attention.

  1. Story Telling

Have your window tell a story using your products. This can work especially well when it’s partnered with a seasonal theme. The story of Christmas is a classic opportunity to engage the customers but don’t forget the storytelling opportunities of summer vacation, Valentine’s Day, or spring cleaning.

  1. Product Selection

Think carefully about the products you select for your window. Select attention-grabbing products rather than top-selling products. Novelty might engage customers, even if they end up buying their usual product.

  1. Eye Level

Check your window display from the customer’s point of view. Mark where the typical customer’s eye level is on the window and design your window display with this in mind. Place key features and messages at the customer’s eye level for maximum engagement.

  1. Don’t Be Boring

Surprise customers if you want to be noticed. One way of doing this is to play tricks with the customer’s perception.

Changing the scale of items makes customers look twice. Try a huge scale version of a small item.

Assemble a huge display of small items for more impact. It can make a boring product, more interesting and eye-catching.

  1. Moving Parts

Window displays tend to be static. Introduce some motion to grab attention and raise curiosity.

The movement can come from video images on a screen built into a window display. Alternatively, it can be a motorized display like a pair of chopsticks stirring noodles or an actual indoor waterfall for your lobby. Connect the movement with your product, message, or story to bring it to life.

  1. Be Bold

Bold colors or big bold shapes grab attention more effectively than detailed design no matter how beautiful.

Your storefront is important

Think of the storefront as one voice in a crowded place. These storefront ideas shout your message. They allow you to be heard above the competition.

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