Strategies and Tips for Maximising Rewards in Crazy Time Live Casino Game

Crazy Time casino game has gained immense popularity among the youth due to its quirky layout and unique gameplay, which create a similar atmosphere to the intriguing casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. This engaging game features 54 wheel segments, offering eight available bets. It includes four numbered bets, each with its available spaces and corresponding bet payouts. Four unique bonus games further enhance the overall experience, adding more spice.

It is important to use clever strategies to strengthen your winning chances in this game and take full advantage of its offerings. Incorporating these tricks can improve your winning odds, leading towards higher earnings. Learn everything about Crazy time live casino on this page, including its gameplay, winning strategies, and more.

Playing Crazy Time Casino Game: A Simple Online Guide

Before discussing various strategies to ensure a win in Crazy Time live, it is important to comprehend how to play the game online. You will be delighted to know the game is easy to learn and understand. Here it is how the game is played-

  • Kickstart with a wagering amount-

Begin the game by choosing your chip size, also called the wagering amount.

  • Place your bets- 

Then, you have to place your bet on any of the eight spaces during the designated betting period. So, be sure to keep track of time. If you fail to put a wager within the time limit, you won’t be able to receive any rewards during that round.

  • Wheel of Fortune- 

Finally, the host spins the wheel, and the round kickstarts. Once the wheel stops, the outcome will be determined. If you have winning bets, you’ll receive payouts based on the game’s rules and the specific outcomes.

  • Repeat or Cash Out- 

You can place new bets for the next round or cash out your winnings. Keep in mind that each round is independent, and outcomes are random. In case the wheel lands on a bonus round, you may participate in an additional game with potential rewards.

Mastering Crazy Time Casino Game- Strategies for Ensuring a Big Win

Following are some of the fine best crazy time strategies that can be followed:

  • The Martingale Strategy

Utilise the Martingale Strategy and double your bet after each loss to recover previously incurred losses and make a profit. That means if you start with a Rs 500 bet and lose, you would then bet Rs 1000, and so on. This could allow you to recover all your previous losses and gain a profit.

  • Low-risk strategy

You can use this strategy by focusing on the bets covering most of the wheel’s segments, the numbers. Like with 45 numbers on the wheel, you’ll keep placing bets on some of these segments to lay up more wins. This way, you could possibly make more frequent wins, but they’ll come in small amounts.

  • Consider Diversifying Your Bets

Try to diversify your bets across different outcomes instead of focusing on a single bet type. This approach can help spread the risk, potentially leading to smaller but more frequent wins.

  • Balance Risk and Reward

Different bets offer varying levels of risk and reward. High-risk bets might have larger potential payouts but have higher chances of losing. Balance your bets according to your risk tolerance.

  • Utilise Multipliers

Multiplier segments on the wheel can boost your winnings Substantially. Keep an eye on the multipliers and consider placing bets on segments with attractive multiplier values.

  • Bonus Round Strategies

Bonus rounds offer additional opportunities for big wins. Some players choose to increase their bets when entering a bonus round, while others prefer more conservative strategies. Try evaluating and find what works for you.

Expert Tips and Tricks for Playing Crazy Time Game

Now let’s discuss some tips which can enhance chances of you succeeding in this thrilling Crazy Time casino game-

Before playing, take your time thoroughly understanding the rules and mechanics of the game. It includes knowing the different bet types, potential outcomes, and bonus features. And if you are new to live casino India, start with free play. Many online casinos, like Fun88, offer a free play or demo mode for Crazy Time. Take advantage of this to familiarise yourself with the game without risking real money.

Don’t be afraid to place multiple bets in a single round. Spread your bets across different segments of the wheel to cover a variety of outcomes. This diversification can provide a balance between risk and potential rewards.

Stay calm and enjoy the experience. It is important to maintain a calm and composed state while playing. Remember that Crazy Time is designed for entertainment, and outcomes are random, so enjoy the experience and don’t let losses affect your mood.


This was all about the relevant information surrounding the Crazy Time game. Just remember to play responsibly and within your means. It’s important to dive into live casino India with a mindset of enjoyment rather than expecting consistent profits. Check out user-friendly platforms like Fun88’s, where you can play fun and exciting games.