Latest Strategies for Digital Footprint Expansion

Strategies for digital footprint expansion image 122122Every business, regardless of its size, requires help on the marketing front in order to reach new customers. Especially nowadays, when there is so much “noise” both online and offline with younger upstarts taking up as much advertising space as they can, drowning out other voices.

This “marketing is king” rule applies to everything from legal firms to dentists’ offices. It’s no longer enough to rely on business cards to bring in new patients. If you are in the field of medicine, your marketing should have a specialized tone geared towards the clientele – or in this case, the patients – you want to attract. 

The following are a few ideas to help you get started and increase your digital footprint over time. 

The power of a good review

The best way to announce your credibility is to gather as many excellent reviews or testimonials from your patients as possible. Then you can ask them to help by putting them online. Better yet, add a section on your website for reviews and allow them to leave their feedback there. Then, these reviews can show up on social media platforms, ensuring your practice’s visibility while letting others know how effective your work is. 

Targeted marketing 

Residing in a particular niche business such as dentistry, for example, can make it hard to draw customers to your base in a more “natural” way, and marketing can be tricky. You can definitely research more dental marketing ideas yourself online, and you will find plenty of strategic help.

You might also want to look into enlisting the help of some strategic experts who can help you cut through all the noise of traditional advertising, especially in the digital realm. 

The power of fresh content

Digital footprint expansion image for article 3229038093289While starting a blog for your office might not be necessary, there is definitely something to be said for the content. Sharing information, educating your clientele, and taking the time to connect with others all help to increase credibility. Presenting great ideas with smart graphics, alongside perhaps an appealing short video advertising your services, will help in a variety of ways to win over the online “audience” and bring in new patients in no time. 

You may produce some of this content in-house, but it is also recommended to consider outsourcing some of the writing to reliable marketing specialists who will know how best to use SEO and marketing analytics.

Connecting with your patients

You probably have a vague understanding of how important it is to use different social media platforms to best connect with people. But you need to keep in mind that your practice’s online presence needs to be dynamic and visually appealing – nothing is worse than an empty or dead landing page.

Videos, including testimonials from happy patients or a tour of your office, which can be shared again and again by users across platforms would prove to be very helpful in attracting more people to your business. Furthermore, you should always be clear on the kind of insurance you accept, the exact services provided, and so on. 

Having any kind of business is akin to having a plant that needs care and attention. The secret to good marketing is constantly evolving, listening to your customers, and reaching out to the general public as often as you can – both online and off. 


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