Tried-and-True Strategies for SaaS Businesses

Modern technology has made it easier than ever for software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses to thrive, as it’s possible to reach billions of customers around the world and get them a software solution within minutes. But as the consumer base has expanded, so has the competition. No longer are SaaS companies competing solely inside their own country; they’re now running into competition from around the world.

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Because of that, it’s more vital than ever for SaaS businesses to develop and execute strategies that can help them connect with consumers in a better way than their competitors can offer. Smart businesses consistently use sound strategies with an evolving message to stay one step ahead of the competition, and you’ll be able to do the same if you make some of these ideas a part of your overall plan!

Free Trials

Whether it’s a firewall or a new streaming service, very few people can resist the call of “free” when it’s something that interests them. For a SaaS business, a free trial represents an opportunity for consumers to try out their product’s features and discover for themselves how much easier the product can make their life.

Before you offer this, you’ll want to make sure that your IT department is ready to handle any questions that your clients might have. One great way to do this is to work with an IT consultancy firm, such as Wavestone US so that your team is ready to provide the best possible customer service whenever problems arise.

Remember, most consumers like to experience things for themselves, and it’s much easier for them to picture how your software would help solve a problem if they can see it in action themselves, as opposed to merely reading a summary of what your product can do. If they can see your IT team providing them with further support while they’re using your product, that’s even better.

Content and SEO Marketing

The days of keyword stuffing are long over. Google and other algorithms got wise to keyword stuffing, and search engines now punish sites that deliberately try to stuff keywords into places that make no sense. If you’re using outdated SEO standards, that’s a problem. Why? According to managing editor Ben Doody, whose site gets over 25 million views a month, “Nobody goes to page two.”

So how do you overcome those changes and make SEO work for your SaaS marketing campaign, rather than against you? Simple: you come up with a strategy that includes quality content and a great user experience. These days, Google gives higher credence to sites that feature well-written content and a positive experience that keeps consumers engaged with your website. You’re in control of what appears on your website, so it’s up to you to make it engaging and present yourself as an expert to your readers.

You’ll also want to maximize the experience on your website so that you can increase shares of your content on social media. Taking a hard look at your website’s analytics can help you pinpoint where your visitors are spending most of their time, which makes it easier to convert them into customers. In turn, that creates the perception that your site is a trusted name in its industry, which brings in more traffic. Finding the right SEO company for SaaS can make a world of difference.


Have you ever been browsing the Internet and suddenly found yourself seeing ads for a certain type of product everywhere you click? It’s no accident: it’s a business practicing retargeting. Retargeting is the process of trying to get visitors to come back to a site after they’ve left, and it’s done by consistently showing customer ads from their site in hopes of getting them to return.

Why is retargeting important? According to a 2017 Episerver study, 92 percent of consumers aren’t ready to buy the first time they visit a brand’s website. The trick is getting them to come back when they are making a purchase, and they’ll be more likely to return if your product is consistently at the front of their minds.

Plus, in the era of the COVID-19 virus and beyond, retargeting is even more important, because many companies are going to be switching some of their employees to a remote work station to prevent the possibility of a second shutdown. With decision-makers online more often, retargeting gives you the perfect chance to connect with potential clients and get them to try your software.

The world of computer software is constantly changing, but one thing that isn’t going to change is that reaching customers where they are is the best way to connect with them and stay a step ahead of your competition. By putting these strategies into practice and executing them properly, you’ll give your SaaS business the best chance of creating and retaining a loyal customer base — exactly what every business hopes to achieve!


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