The Best Strategies to Recruit Millennials

Millennials image 4444People who were born between 1980-1999 currently occupy the largest section of the global workforce. This population, which is also referred to as Millennials, is assumed to grow into 75% of all employees by 2025. Subsequently, as a business, it’s important to understand their values, culture, what will attract them to apply to your company and retain them for a longer period of time. This becomes even more critical in today’s employment climate, where job seekers have more choices than ever, and they are able to pick and choose their next position out of a dozen opportunities.

If you learn how to cater to the Millennial job seeker, whether you choose to conduct your own talent search or outsource it using an online platform such as Recruiters LineUp, you have a better chance of landing the best person for the role.

1. Advertise where Millennials spend most of their time

It’s a cliché to say that most young people don’t look up from their phones, but clichés are usually based on reality. Studies found that American Millennials spend 5.7 hours a day on their smartphones when the bulk of that is spent on Facebook (69%), followed by Instagram (52%) and the Internet in general (40%).

This should indicate that first and foremost, your job ad and application process should be optimized for mobile use. Otherwise, you’d be missing out on most of your candidates. Additionally, when advertising for the role, social media is the main arena to grab your candidates’ attention.

2. Think of what you can offer them in the short term

Many Millennials have different objectives than Xers and Boomers. While you may be looking to recruit talent in Texas, for example, your candidate does not necessarily plan on living there until retirement age. If you talk to them about how they can develop within your company in 10 years, this may push them into the arms of another company. Instead, try to talk to them about the benefits of the role for the upcoming year or two — all that they can learn and how they will grow.

3. Involve Millennial Experts

Involve experts, such as Andrew Herrera, who have years of experience working with Millennials. In that way, recruiting Millennials will be a lot easier because these people know what they’re doing and implement proven-effective tactics to entice this target population. 

Recruitment managers and human resource (HR) departments can consult Millennial-specific media companies to create better recruitment marketing strategies. These companies have practical and effective ways to connect with Millennials in a unique way to get their confidence. 

Influential media companies can help businesses advertise their job listings across different digital channels, including job portals and social media platforms. They also provide expert advice on where to locate, engage, and sell to Millennials at the perfect time and manner.

In addition, a media company can also help recruitment agencies and businesses curate their website articles that can capture the attention of Millennial job applicants. For instance, the editorial team of a media company can create authentic and professionally-written long-form web content, such as new job application guides, final interview tips, and resume-making tutorials.

Aside from web content marketing, media companies can help recruiters optimize their web pages through search engine optimization (SEO). They can also help them with acquiring more top-notch prospect job applicants.

4. Millennials have a different standard for benefits

While a good salary, 401(k) and health insurance are always important, this is another point where Millennials differ from Xers and Boomers. It’s the extra benefits that will draw this young workforce into your company. When you look at the top benefits that Millennials value, the main conclusion is that they are after a better work-life balance. With perks such as flexible hours, more vacation days and better opportunities to work from home, you can offer your candidates the chance to be absolutely focused and productive while they’re at work, knowing that they are not compromising their home life in the process.

5. Offer learning opportunities

Millennials are also characterized as a generation that enjoys expanding their minds. Just as much as they don’t like to be stuck in one place for too long, they also don’t like to stay behind on new technologies and skills. The more development opportunities, the more courses and reskilling you offer them, the better chances you have to attract them into your company and keep them there. If their mind is occupied, they won’t go looking into greener pastures.

6. It’s all about the newest technology

While this generation didn’t grow up holding a smartphone, they are surrounded by technology and greatly appreciate it. They will most likely not give your company a second glance if your careers site looks like it was built in the ’90s, or if your application has bugs in it. If your team uses slow computers or an outdated CRM — all of this factors into the candidate’s decision to accept the role. No employee wants to sit for half an hour in front of a computer that’s loading, while they can have access to the latest VR technology with another company.