StreetBeat Review

StreetBeat is rapidly carving a niche for itself in the fintech industry. This innovative Palo Alto-based company provides a robust trading app that is making significant strides in streamlining trading decisions for its users. This review seeks to explore the key features of StreetBeat, making it a compelling tool for both novice and seasoned traders.

StreetBeat: A Trading App for All

The StreetBeat trading app has been carefully designed to suit all trading styles, providing a seamless experience for active investors engaged in manual trading, as well as those who prefer automated trading features. The app is equipped with functionalities that support trading in stocks, as well as crypto trading services.

One of the app’s standout features is the auto trading access it provides. This feature simplifies the trading process by enabling users to automate their trades based on predefined investment strategies. StreetBeat’s automated feature is a boon for traders who prefer to keep their trading process streamlined, while also providing the flexibility to switch to manual trading when desired.

AI-Driven Copilots for Tailored Investment Strategies

At the heart of StreetBeat’s offerings are the Copilots – AI-driven investment strategies that users can customize to reflect their financial aspirations. You have the liberty to select from a wide variety of pre-existing strategies or create a unique Copilot by communicating your financial vision to the AI composer. A few notable Copilot examples include:

  • U.S. House and Congress Buys: This strategy focuses on the performance of stocks purchased by members of the U.S. Congress or their family, with the weighting based on the size of the purchases and daily rebalancing.
  • Generative AI: Invest in companies that leverage generative AI, which could position them for future revenue growth. The strategy prefers companies with steady dividends and no military involvement to strive for consistent returns.
  • Diversified Growth Bonds: Ideal for investors wanting to optimize returns in the post-pandemic period while mitigating potential adverse effects of high inflation, this strategy revolves around a blend of corporate and treasury bond funds.
  • EcoGrowth Titans: For those interested in green technology and renewable energy companies, this strategy offers exposure to these rapidly growing sectors. This strategy may act as a hedge against traditional energy sector volatility and potential regulatory changes favoring clean energy.

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SmartPilot for Continuous Portfolio Updates

With the SmartPilot feature, your portfolio will remain continually updated based on real-time data like market news and price changes. This allows you to react quickly to market trends and keep your investment strategies up to date.

Multi-Brokerage Support

StreetBeat integrates with Robinhood trading accounts, ensuring users can enjoy its cutting-edge features with their preferred brokerage. This multi-brokerage support aims to make the trading process as convenient and user-friendly as possible.

Zero Management Fee*

In a commendable move, StreetBeat has abolished assets under management fees. This means you get access to top-tier financial tools without any additional cost. However, other charges and fees do apply, and you can review the fee schedule here for more details.

In essence, StreetBeat’s subscription offers an intuitive, personalized, and proactive approach to navigating the stock market. By harnessing artificial intelligence and user-friendly tools, the platform empowers users to take charge of their financial future.

Navigate the Stock Market with Ease

StreetBeat understands the complexities of the stock market and has therefore developed tools within its app that facilitate decision-making for its users. Users can choose from a selection of investments and create applicable investment strategies tailored to their trading style and financial goals.

Further, StreetBeat offers commission-free trading, making it an affordable option for those looking to delve into the world of stock trading without the burden of high transaction fees.

Investment Team and Hedge Fund-Level Investment Insights

The investment team at StreetBeat is a powerful resource that provides users with hedge fund-level investment insights, which are not commonly accessible to the average trader. These insights, when coupled with the user’s consistent investments, enable the formulation of robust and profitable trading strategies.

StreetBeat’s investment team continually monitors the market and provides users with actionable insights, promoting an action-centered investing approach. This approach empowers users to make informed trading decisions, optimizing their potential for significant returns.

Final Thoughts on StreetBeat

StreetBeat emerges as a versatile trading app that is suited for active investors seeking to optimize their trading decisions. Whether you prefer manual trading or are inclined towards automated trading, StreetBeat provides the tools, resources, and features you need to thrive in the stock market.

With its commission-free trading, robust selection of investments, and actionable insights from an experienced investment team, StreetBeat provides a user-friendly platform for consistent investments. The app’s emphasis on action-centered investing, coupled with its automated and manual trading features, makes it a compelling tool for traders.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just beginning your journey in the stock market, StreetBeat can provide you with the necessary tools and insights to enhance your trading experience and work towards achieving your financial goals. Click here to get started.

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