Wish to Strengthen Bond With Your Business Associates from the Philippines? Send a Fresh Bunch of Flowers!

The people of the Philippines are quite fond of colorful and fragrant flowers. If you have recently shifted to this beautiful country then you can make use of these beautiful natural creations to establish new connections.

You can send over a bouquet to your neighbors on Christmas or New Year to connect with them. It is also a good idea to send flowers to your clients or business associates to congratulate them on their achievements or even on a festive occasion.


Flowers That Can Boost Your Mood

This thoughtful gesture will help strengthen your bond with them. However, you must ensure that you choose the right blossoms as each of them has a special meaning attached to it.

Significance of Different Flowers in the Philippines

Let us learn about the meanings attached to different flowers in this part of the globe:


These gorgeous blossoms symbolize abundance and good fortune. A bunch of orchids thus makes for a great choice if you are looking forward to sending flowers as a friendly gesture to your new friends, associates, or even boss.


Available in a variety of colors, this aromatic blossom is associated with the Goddess of love in this culture. You can give it to that special someone just in case you find one here.


Haven’t heard or seen these much? Well, a sunflower bouquet may be a peculiar choice but the people of the Philippines love receiving it as the flower is associated with good luck. You can send it to your loved ones or clients as they begin a new venture to wish them luck.

Gerbera Daisies

These gorgeous multi-hued blossoms symbolize a happy life. These can be presented as a gesture of friendliness on any occasion. You can gift them to your friends, neighbors as well as business associates. They are sure to hit the right note.


Lilies are loved by the people of the Philippines. You will readily find beautiful bouquets of these blossoms in various parts of the country. Associated with positivity, good luck, and prosperity, these flowers can be gifted on just about any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and even as someone starts a new venture.

If you have recently moved to the Philippines and are still learning about its culture and traditions while the festive season is just around the corner.

If you are indecisive about the kind of gift you should send to your clients, business partners, and next-door neighbor in the new country to start these fresh associations on the right note then it is best to send flowers to them.

Flowers are an apt choice for just about any occasion. You can never go wrong with a bunch of fragrant blossoms. They convey the message in a subtle manner yet create a lasting impression on the receiver.

The best part is that they don’t cost a bomb. Different varieties of bouquets are available to match different budgets. You can pick ones that suit your budget and go well with the occasion.

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