5 reasons students should study a business course

Anyone that is motivated by money should consider undertaking some type of business course. Regardless of the industry you are working in, you will find that having an understanding of how business works is going to be beneficial and put you in a position to have a lucrative career.

Study for a business course image 444444Business courses come in many different forms. You can enrol in a certificate level course such as a Certificate IV in Business Administration or a Certificate 3 in Business.  If you are looking for something more challenging, you can enrol in a diploma level course such as a Diploma of Business enrol by visiting edna.edu.au.  Once you have completed a Diploma level course, you can think about enrolling a in an undergraduate course in business management – View other Business courses by visiting this link.

Job Opportunity

The first and probably the most important reason that anyone thinks about enrolling in a business management training program is to increase their chances of getting employed. Anytime a potential employee or student applies for a job in any business sector they are going to have a better chance of getting the position they applied for.

Having a business management qualification shows that you have a greater appreciation and understanding of how a business works and the organization will have an expectation that the student will be able to perform their job at a higher level.

Increased Salary

Students that graduate with a business qualification can expect a 10% increase in salary according the Australian Government’s Australian Business Statistics website.  This is assuming the business qualification is either at the Certificate IV or Certificate 3 level. If you are a student that has graduated with a diploma level qualification in business, you can expect a 20% increase in your salary compared to those that have not graduated with any business qualifications.


Exceptional communication skills are required in most jobs these days regardless of the job title. Even jobs that you would assume would not require communication skills such a software developer now have a critical requirement to have excellent communication skills as they are required to interact with stakeholders within an organisation.

By undertaking a business qualification, you will learn and develop skills in verbal and non-verbal communication. Having these skills will ensure you excel in both interviews and in the workplace.

Combine your passions  

There is a reason that many teachers recommend students to study business even though they might not have a goal to work within the business management sector. Learning the basics of how a business works allows you to turn your passion into a something that earns you money.

For example, you might really like the idea of fixing computers. Without having a good business understanding, you are limiting your potential as you will always be an employee. On the other hand if you graduate with a business qualification you would have an in-depth understanding of how to turn your passion into something that makes you money by starting your own business.

You will have the basic skills and understanding of marketing, balance sheets, and how to measure and benchmark success and profit within your own organisation.


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