5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Stylish in 2020

With everyone spending a lot more time at home over the past year, you could be longing to overhaul your home décor.

What can you do if you don’t have the budget to completely redo your room, and you want to inject some style without spending a fortune?

Well, the good news is, you can achieve a luxe look in your private sanctuary without digging too deep.

Before we outline 5 ways to revamp your bedroom in 2020, some simple preparation will go a long way.

Warm-Up: Declutter and Start With a Blank Canvas

Is your bedroom overflowing with clutter?

If so, you should make a clean sweep and get rid of anything surplus to requirements. All your efforts to spruce up your bedroom and fruitless if it still ends up looking like a warzone.

When assessing the clutter in your room, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it look great?
  • Is it useful?
  • Do you really love it?

Unless the object in question ticks at least one of these boxes, ditch it without remorse.

How about if you find the idea of the minimalist aesthetic unworkable for your lifestyle, or you just dislike that pared-down look?

Well, you’re in luck this season as organized clutter is one of the prevailing trends. This doesn’t mean ignoring the above advice because “it’s organized now”, but rather presents you with wider options if you don’t want a stark and unforgiving appearance in your bedroom.

Instead of leaving everything exactly where it lands, stack up some books and magazines, and use trays to minimize the number of loose objects floating around.

So, dirty clothes, reams of paperwork, and unopened mail need to be banished from the bedroom. Not only will your room look much neater and more attractive, you’ll also see more clearly how you can set about improving the overall appearance.

And that’s just what we’ll help you out with next…

5 Ways to Style Your Bedroom Without Spending a Fortune

  1. Inject some greenery into the bedroom
  2. Layer your bedding and smarten up your nightstand
  3. Use a statement piece in the bedroom
  4. Revamp the hardware in line with your budget
  5. Level up your lighting

1) Inject some greenery into the bedroom

Think of every expensive-looking bedroom you’ve seen that’s stopped you in your tracks and made you want the same at home. Chances are, you saw at least one or two plants in that room.

Get started by sourcing an eye-catching vase and pack it with some fragrant fresh- cut flowers to get things started strongly.

Lush green plants like ferns work well if you have some gardening chops, but complete beginners should stick to easy-care houseplantslike dracaena, Chinese evergreens, or pothos.

The inbuilt kicker of popping plenty of plants in the bedroom is the way they’ll purify the air as well as prettifying the place: how can you go wrong?

2) Layer your bedding and smarten up your nightstand

There’s no quicker route to hotel-room luxury than custom bedding.

Fortunately, you don’t need a four-figure budget to achieve a great look reminiscent of a splendid hotel suite.

Layered bedding immediately adds an element of style to an otherwise ordinary room. Stack differently textured pillows unevenly, and use throws to add some color and pattern to a muted neutral duvet cover.

Think about investing in some reversible duvet covers giving you the option of a mini-makeover every day by simply flipping over your cover.

Blankets work well for building in some texture. Choose wool, silk, or velour blankets and opt for plain rather than patterned throws so you don’t end up with too busy a look. As an added benefit, they’ll keep you warm when you’re snuggled up in bed or reading in your favorite chair on a cold night.

3) Use a statement piece in the bedroom

If you have a reasonably restrained design scheme in your bedroom, make room for a single statement piece that acts as a focal point.

Whether you choose an oversized piece of modern artwork, an expansive area rug, or an antique collectible on your dresser, the value of the item isn’t what counts here. Look for something special and take your time. This move alone could radically overhaul the appearance of an otherwise-average room.

4) Revamp the hardware in line with your budget

If you’ve done well so far and not needed to spend out too much, assess your budget and determine whether it will stretch to some new furniture and fittings. This, obviously, is the quickest route to transforming your room, but also the most expensive.

The bed, of course, should be your priority. You spend at least one-third of your life in the bed, so don’t cut corners here. From a low-slung futon in a minimalist room to a huge California king in a more spacious suite, getting the right bed will help you sleep better while also upgrading your bedroom.

Dressers, wardrobes and any other furniture should be the best you can afford without overextending yourself.

5) Level up your lighting

Lighting can make or break the appearance of a bedroom so don’t stint yourself here.

Firstly, get some new lampshades and you’ll notice an immediate improvement. This is one area where you can unleash some color and texture to great effect.

Hanging lights work well if you want to recreate a luxurious look on a budget.

Final Thoughts

If you personalize your bedroom makeover rather than hunting for a generic solution, you’ll have a much better chance of creating something you’ll be proud of. Use magazine spreads as inspiration rather than slavishly copying a particular look.

You should, as far as possible, keep entertainment devices out of the bedroom if you want to enjoy the best night’s sleep, and you should reserve your bedroom for nothing but sleep and intimacy. Stuff the room full of everything you own even if you never use it in the bedroom and you’re highly unlikely to achieve the bedroom of your dreams. Get it right, though, and you revamp your bedroom while spending far less than you might imagine.