The Ultimate Success in Weight Loss

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Do you feel like throwing in the towel weeks after working out with the aim of losing weight, only to find that all your efforts bore no fruit? Are you tired of moving from one diet regimen to another, only leaving you famished and a waistline that keeps bulging? Weight gain not only affects female fertility but also compromises our quality of life. If you are struggling to lose weight, these next steps should help you lose those kilograms in a healthy, sustainable fashion.

Losing weight can be emotional and mentally draining just like a physical energy drain can be. Weight loss supplements like those specially made by Solis Labs are

also common in helping one to realize their ideal body weight. If you are looking for a short-term solution to jumpstart your healthy body weight, metabolic surgery is a great option. Take a gastric sleeve, for example, the gastric sleeve cost is affordable and the procedure is highly impactful for getting started in the short term.  The number of carbs you eat daily for weight loss will vary depending on your age, body type and activity involvement. Research has further shown that a reduction in a woman’s daily intake of carbohydrates can cut around 50-160 grams per day.

How to calculate your body mass index

To ascertain that you have a weight issue, do the following:

  • Take your weight in kilograms.
  • Divide it by your height in meters.

For example, if you are weighing 70 kg and your height is 1.6 meters, then you have a BMI of 43.75 kg/m

Body Mass Index (BMI)

This is the point at which your body weight corresponds with your height. Below are the ranges and their interpretation. Find where you belong:

  • If your BMI is between 1.85 and 25 it means you have a healthy weight
  • If it’s above 25 it means you are overweight
  • If it’s above 30 it means you are obese

Use this BMI Calculator to check your BMI score.

Health benefits of healthy weight

Shedding off excess weight reduces the chances of:

  • Heart diseases
  • Women fertility issues
  • Joint pains
  • Lower back pains
  • Type II diabetes
  • Stroke

Let’s delve into this diet to help you achieve your desired body weight.

1. Cut down calorie intake

To actualize any significant weight loss, the carbs intake must be less than the energy you burn when you exercise. I f this is so, why is cutting weight often futile?

2. Losing weight happens over time

Do not expect to lose weight few days into your diet plan. For the first few weeks after beginning your diet, and cutting down your calories, you might register some changes. But a few more days on the same diet, you might not lose any more weight.

This is because when you lose weight, your body metabolism slows down because you lose water and other lean tissues. The body becomes alert that change is taking place. At this point, the challenge is to keep dropping weight reading by cutting down calories.

3. All calories are not the same

Eating 100 calories of high fructose corn syrup has a different impact on the body compared to 100 calories of vegetables. To sustain your weight loss, keep off all the highly refined foods because they are packed with calories that leave you feeling weak.

4. Eating for other reasons but hunger

There are individuals who eat to seek solace and relieve themselves from stressful situations.

Such deviations can cause one to gain weight.

5. Cut down on carbohydrates

Body metabolisms are unique in individuals. The problem not might be consuming too many calories, but the body’s behavior to accumulate fat after a high carbs diet. It is essentially the role of insulin to regulate the sugar level intake by burning glucose from the carbohydrates before burning off the fat.

One who eats a lot of rice, bread and French fries, will have their body release insulin to burn all the glucose influx in the blood. Insulin prevents the fat cells from releasing fat from the body to burn. It then creates more fat cells that store all the excess fat that could not be burnt off. The consequence of this process is weight gain.

Your body will require more fuel and so you eat some more. It is worthwhile to note that insulin only burns carbohydrates. Therefore, the craving for carbs becomes more intense. A vicious cycle that requires more carbs is created leading to more weight gain. The secret to lose weight then is to break this cycle by doing fewer carbs.

Breaking the cycle

Gradually reduce the carbs in your daily portions. More so, the intake of trans fats and saturated fats in foods like cookies and fries. Replace this with high protein foods like meat, low-fat dairy and plenty of green leafy vegetables.


Here’s what you should know about fats.

  • Some fats are healthy

Fats present in avocados, flaxseed, soy milk and fatty fish like sardines are healthy unsaturated fats. Such fats can help control your weight. Consider adding olive oil in your vegetable salads as opposed to mayonnaise.

  • Be smart in your fat trade-off

Do not be lured by the empty calories of refined sugars and carbohydrates. For instance, do not eat a fatty breakfast sausage for a croissant that will raise your blood sugar levels. Instead, choose a highly nutritious low calorie diet.

  • Replace carbs with high fiber foods

Eat a lot of vegetables, legumes and whole grain foods. Such foods give you a feeling of being satisfied thus keeping you away from unnecessary eating.

  • Be in-charge of your meals

Take initiative and in control of what, how and when you eat. Here is what you should do:

  • Prepare you own meals

Packaged foods or restaurant meals contain lots of calories, sugars and bad fats. Cooking your own food helps you to decide what food you want to eat and how well to prepare it.

  • Eat small portions

Serve your meals in small cups and bowls to help you portion your servings. This will help you to know how much you can eat in a sitting.

  • Plan all your meals

Prepare meals and portion them in plastic bags. This helps you to avoid eating on impulse.

  • Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself hydrated to help the body metabolism and keep you refreshed.

In summary

Achieving your ideal healthy diet is a gradual process and different in every woman. Overall, the weight loss challenge will create resistance and promote your well-being.

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