Successful Business Leaders Do This Every Day  

Whether you’re up-and-coming or already there, you need habits for success. Find out 7 habits successful business leaders cultivate to ensure C-suite success.  

The average person wastes at least 30 minutes to an hour of work time day doing nothing. But not you; you’ve set solid goals and make each minute count. You’ve created your success and continue to develop habits for success that will serve you in your pursuits.

As a business leader, it’s essential to understand what activities help you in your endeavors versus what’s a complete waste of time. But we all struggle to distinguish between the two, especially when what we do outside the office impacts our work performance. You may be surprised to find that successful business leaders do these “non-work” activities every day to maximize their C-suite success.

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  1. Work Out

Keith Marchiano with Kyocera Intelligence Mid-Atlantic who is also a health coach says “Successful leaders don’t spend all day behind the desk. They understand the importance of physical activity and recognize that they’re less productive when they skip a workout.”

In addition to the general health and energy benefits, working out regularly increases “neurotrophic factor-mediated synaptic plasticity”. In other words, it helps the brain form new and more efficient neural pathways. That leads to improved cognition in the form of:

  • Better decision-making
  • Faster response time
  • Enhanced memory
  • More balanced mood

All of these things must stay in peak condition for C-suite success.

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  1. Value Sleep

Business leaders often joke about how well they can function on so little sleep. And given their sometimes unpredictable work schedules, that can be a valuable trait.

But according to Nick Allo, with Orlando IT company, SemTech IT Solutions says “most business leaders today have seen the research and understand how important getting a good night’s sleep is to their performance. Studies show that lack of sleep significantly compromises both the ability to manage emotions and think logically. As leaders, we need both to get through our days.”

Successful leaders work to establish smart sleep habits like setting a consistent bedtime and avoiding alcohol or stimulants too close to bedtime.

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  1. Take Time Out for the People and Things They Love

Many people think of themselves as truly successful leaders, but are you really that successful if you can’t make time for the important people and interests in your life? Laith Pahlwan, owner of Orange Crew in Southern California shares “Successful people prioritize balance of home and work.” They understand how spending time with loved ones not only improves relationships; it can:

  • Refill the energy meter
  • Increase creativity
  • Reduce burnout
  • Maintain physical, mental and emotional health


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  1. Mentally Prepare for a BIG DAY

Whether it’s a big presentation, interviewing a potential CFO, or negotiating a business deal, a top habit for success is to develop a prep routine that helps you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the event.

Some common prep activities include waking up early and

  • Listening to a motivational speaker
  • Practicing mindfulness or other meditative techniques
  • Reciting positive affirmations or gestures in the mirror
  • Doing your power workout, which will be different for everyone (punching bag, weight lifting, a run)
  1. Prioritize the Day

Scott Clarke with Menark Technologies shares “Without priorities, the busiest days become the least productive. With no direction, a business leader is simply a ship upon troubled waters, bouncing around from problem to problem but not really going in one direction.”

Set at least three solid, time-bound priorities for each day. Aim to accomplish them before noon. Set 5-10 minutes aside in the morning to review these priorities. Keep yourself and your business moving forward with these kinds of habits for success.