Suggestions for Selecting Safe Children’s Clothing

As of today, the fashion market is full of children’s clothing brands that provide different styles, textures, colors, and materials. It is up to the parents to choose the safest and most appropriate materials for their children. While some articles are highly attractive visually they may not be so great for your little one. There are also some situations to consider.

It is understood that with brand-name clothing printing and dyeing residues exceeded the standard and thus exposed problems in the quality and safety of children’s clothing. Fabric formaldehyde in children’s clothing has exceeded the standard and a series of other problems make parents worried. It’s suggested that when choosing children’s clothing, parents should try to favor natural fabrics, and light colors.(Wholesale Kid Clothes) In addition, do not forget to carefully read the certificate of conformity on the clothing label.

100% Cotton Is Best

In terms of materials, the choice of baby clothes should be based on comfort, softness, and if needed moisture absorption. Natural materials are good, such as white cotton which has a soft texture. Cotton is also best used as a knitting weave. Man-made fibers and other materials, go through chemical processing, this process will leave chemical product residues in the fabrics that can be irritant or even damaging.  A way to determine whether if a garment is all cotton is by using the burning method. Draw a strand of yarn at the sewn edge of the children’s clothing, ignite it with a lighter and observe the state of the burning flame. Cotton burns faster, high flame, can automatically spread, leaving a small amount of soft white or gray ash. Polyester or other man-made fibers, once they burn out will leave a hard plastic residue.

Clothing Color: Choose White or Light Color

A Baby’s childhood is colorful, and thus many mothers like to buy brightly colored children’s clothing for their babies. However, the brightly colored clothes have a lot of dyeing materials added. One of the most common issues with children’s clothing is with dyes and fabric finishing process. If the garment is not treated properly and thoroughly cleaned, clothes that contain formaldehyde can cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that when buying clothes for children, you try to buy white or close to light tones especially if the clothes are worn close to the body.

Read The Labels On The Clothes Carefully

When buying clothes for your child, have you read the labels on the clothing carefully? Generally speaking, brand-name children’s clothing on the logo is labeled with a safety technology tag, some are also marked with the words “formaldehyde content tested to meet national standards”,  or the manufacturing process in detail. In some children’s clothing stores,  identification is very simple, only marked with the brand name, inspection, item number, composition, price, and other details. In addition, some children’s clothing can be marked to be treated with or without flame retardant because for small children, it’s best for the clothes not to easily burn as it is safer in case of a fire.

Parents are always seeking out the best for their children, even if it is only clothing. For children, there is nothing better than health and safety. We hope that this article can guide you better on how to choose the ideal clothing materials for your children’s safety and health.

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