Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Seasonal changes require a fresh maintenance checklist for each home. This is the key to achieving a functioning and healthy home all year round. It will help you to enhance the value of your property at the same time.

You don’t need to handle all these tasks at once. It’s ideal to start a few weeks before summer is in full gear.

Summer home maintenance checklist - image 498398398931. Clean your windows

Dirty windows are unattractive and will prevent natural light from reaching your space. Your best bet is to clean them at least once every week. Set reminders if you tend to forget or have a busy schedule.

Ensure that you clean your windows with the right tools such as cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, and brush. Take care of window treatments too and recognize when it’s time to replace them.

Vertical cellular shades for sliding glass doors help to control privacy and filter light once you invest in them.

2. Check your cooling units

Your cooling units must be in perfect working condition because this is the time of the year you will be needing them most. Get rid of dirt in the filter or better still, invite a professional for an inspection. Most homeowners often end up with lower energy bills when they take this step.

A damp rag or duster will come in handy to wipe your ceiling fans. Remember to inspect your smoke detectors and ascertain whether the batteries need a replacement.

3. Look out for leaks

It’s much safer to detect and fix leaks early on before they get out of hand. These leaks can affect your walls, ceilings, and lead to mold or mildew growth if neglected. The best time to handle this task is at night when your home will be quiet.

Make sure that you invite a certified plumber promptly if it’s beyond what you can fix.

4. Focus on your bathrooms

Mineral deposit tends to accumulate in showerheads over time. This can hamper their efficiency and durability. In case washing the showerhead with vinegar doesn’t work, get a new one.

Another thing is that you should clean your drains with bleach and water. Set aside time to check the vent fans in your bathroom.

Many homeowners usually make the mistake of overlooking the bathrooms that are not frequently used. The truth is that you may never know the amount of debris lurking in your drains so clean those guest bathrooms too.

5. Pay attention to your exteriors

It’s imperative to tidy up your home exterior as you work on the interior. Sidings can be made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl. The maintenance procedure to use will depend on the material. Focus on the patio and deck if you intend to spend more time outdoor.

Maintaining your garden can give your home a refreshing look. Your gutters will be likely filled up with debris before spring ends. Ensure that you clean them thoroughly to minimize water problems.

Mud is a common issue during summer. One of the effective ways to keep it in check is to place doormats at your entry door. You can also encourage your family members to take off their shoes before entering your home.


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