The Sustainability Of Concrete In The Commercial Sector Of Business

Sustainability of concrete - image 23In all types of industries all over the world, there is a growing clamor to be more sustainable in all undertakings. The same is true for the commercial industry when they are in the process of making buildings. One of the most common materials used during the construction process is concrete. It is one of the elements that is considered highly sustainable. Or is it, really? Read more below to find out.

  1. Yes, there are now many companies that are creating non-conventional cement.

The standard Portland cement that is used all over the world is still a sustainable option, for as long as it is handled efficiently and adequately. If you have been in the construction industry for many years, you will already know by now what this means. However, because of technology, there are now types of cement that are even more sustainable than ever. More and more companies are creating better types of cement. How so?

The material of the cement should be carbon-neutral or carbon negative. In this manner, it only needs a lower temperature than usual to heat it successfully. Hence, in a way, you are reducing the smoke emissions that can be harmful to the environment and increases your carbon footprint. Imagine the domino effect this can have if even half of the construction industries building large commercial buildings will all use this type of cement.

  1. Yes, concrete is a local industry, which makes it sustainable for the local economy.

Apart from being sustainable for the environment, concrete also contributes largely to the sustainability of the local economy to which it belongs. If your local business sector is in need of more sustainability, then you should invite hardware stores and construction companies or businesses to strive to produce their own cement. The more cement producers there are to supply the demand in your local area, the higher the sustainability it can bring.

Keep in mind that cement is a very localized form of business.

The people who are involved in the making of concrete and concrete forming boards are also most likely going to be local residents. The basic ingredients, water, aggregates, and cement can also be sourced locally. Hence, in this manner, more and more money and investment are given back to your economy.

Sustainability of concrete - image 24

  1. Yes, concrete can be sustainable for as long as it also strives for enhanced durability.

As is the case for all the other factors in the commercial sector, durability is vital for enhanced sustainability. The more durable the materials and products are, the lesser the need to rebuild or repurchase. For example, if you have durable appliances in your house, you do not have to keep buying one regularly, which is making you sustainable resident of the world. The same principle applies in the concrete industry. For companies that are in the business of processing and creating cement and concrete, the key for them to have sustainable practices is in creating durable cement, such that its by-product, concrete, is also durable.

  1. Yes, if engineers and contractors allow themselves to be innovative.

In the construction and design industry, there is so much room for architects and contractors to be innovative, if they make it a priority. Concrete can be used not only as foundations of commercial buildings but even for other parts of the building as well. Engineers and contractors should expand their vision more, and be innovative. For example, there are many ways in which concrete can be reused and can be created into excellent ideas. Instead of using so many more other harmful and non-sustainable products, you can use cement and concrete to make countertops, islands, planters, and others.

  1. Yes, when construction industries are more transparent with their sustainable practices.

If, for example, as of the moment, your company is the only one employing sustainable practices in your commercial dealings, then it is about time for you to set an example to all other construction companies as well. Living by example is one way to create a positive domino effect, such that the use of concrete for sustainable ways will become the norm. The more companies that see the positive impact of doing so, the more that you are contributing positively to the sustainability of your economy, and the environment as a whole.


No matter the type of industry, if you are in the business sector, you should always strive to endeavor for a sustainable way of life. Whether it is in your business dealings or through your products, being efficient and sustainable is key. Remember that you have a social responsibility towards the environment to model sustainable ways of life, and a responsibility to your local economy as well. When you can achieve all these, you are allowing the economy in which you move around to be more responsible and successful as well.