Switching to E-Cigarettes Can Add YEARS to Your Life

How long do I want to live? 

What will I miss out on if my life ends sooner than it needs to?

Will I be able to do everything on my bucket list?

Will it benefit me to vape to stop smoking?

These are the questions all smokers should be asking themselves.

We all know the financial impact smoking has on our pockets (and if you don’t we have a handy calculator for you), but the cost to our health and our families should matter even more. According to the British Heart Foundation, a man who quits smoking at age 30 can add 10 years to his life. Many people will add three years to their lives if they quit by the age of 60.

The funny thing about health is that we don’t miss it until it’s gone. Think about what you enjoy doing or what you want to do. Now think about how poor health and the inability to breathe easily could stop you. Next imagine what your illness, or even death, will do to your loved ones.

Only you know how your absence would impact the people you love most. So, if you have a chance to change your future for the better surely it’s an opportunity you should grab?

With e-cigarettes, it’s easier than ever to put an end to a smoking habit that’s undoubtedly killing you

Vaping is widely recognised as being hugely successful in helping you kick the smoking habit, and getting the right kind of support has been shown to greatly improve your chances. 

The first thing you need to do is to make the decision to quit – after all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There is everything you need to inspire and inform you right from the start.

Here are some mind-blowing stats to get you motivated

What happens when you quit smoking?

In 8 hours – carbon monoxide levels in your blood return to normal. Imagine, in just 8 hours you’re already healthier!

In 24 hours your chance of a heart attack falls

In 2 weeks your circulation starts to improve and lung function increases

In 2 weeks your sense of taste and smell improves

By ten years your risk of lung cancer is around half that of a smoker, and the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys, and pancreas also decreases.

Step 1: Choose your vaping device. It’s easy to use and easy to carry.

Step 2: Pick an e-liquid – this will depend on how many cigarettes you smoke each day. Find your nicotine strength (see below) and the flavour that appeals to you.

Step 3: Charge and power up your new kit and top it up with your e-liquid.

Step 4: Reduce your nicotine intake.

Step 5: Keep busy and get support – avoid situations where you could be tempted to light up a cigarette. Feel proud that you’ve taken charge of the habit that risks your life and is costing you a fortune. Confide in your friends and family – well, the ones that will encourage and support you in your resolve.

Help! I don’t know which e-liquid nicotine strength I should choose for my shiny new vape kit

Here are our recommendations*:

  • A heavy smoker (more than a full packet of cigarettes per day) – 18mg
  • An average smoker (up to 20 per day) – 6-12mg
  • A light smoker (less than 10 per day) – 3-6mg
  • A social smoker (once or twice a week) – 3mg (0mg e-liquids are also available)

*This is a guideline only. The nicotine hit you get depends on the device and e-liquid consistency. 

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